A great 2-star review!

Alternate title: Why yes, Virginia, I do cuss like a sailor.

No, it’s not another post, begging for reviews. I’ve given up on that. I’d still like to get them, but for whatever reason, even the promise of a shiny new Kindle won’t make people come out of the woodwork. Those that will review – do, and others simply won’t no matter what. We drudge along.

(I will pimp a great site I have found for both authors looking for reviews and readers at the end. I’m meeting amazing readers here!)

I’m in the process of re-releasing all my titles. There are so many books to add to my backlog list, I thought it was time to update. Some had only 5 titles. I had to keep double checking – I have 16 women’s fiction titles out! (including my pre-sale for later this month)

Since I’m going though the trouble, I’m doing some minor housekeeping to my earlier works. I’ve learned so much along the way and have always wanted to give them a quick pass on some filtering things that are now my pet peeve. “Look” and “see” really bug me sometimes, as well as wanting to kill unneeded “that” and “up,” etc.

I’m currently working on Hunter’s Find. As I scrolled down Amazon – I had forgotten about a 2-star review from a few years back. I remembered when it happened and was a little tweaked. The woman had written me – said how much she loved everything I wrote & would love anything else. I sent her a print copy even to thank her. So yeah, the 2-star was initially upsetting, but it was a case of “just didn’t float her boat.” Can’t blame a reader for that. The thing here though for her, was the swearing. I always tease how my gals are sassy, potty-mouths, but this is a Mob story. Maybe the swearing was heavy but this is a case of having to be true to your characters. “Gosh darn it, Amanda. I’ve been shot!” just doesn’t cut it. Or, “Ouch, fella. You broke my nose and that smarts a little.” Um, no.

I had never dealt with someone not liking something before. I’m sure it happened, but I’ve never been told. When you do a read and review, people always say if they can’t give it at least a 3 – they won’t post. In this case I was glad she didn’t just write me. It was a great eye-opener. The one thing this did for me – I tell this story at every signing. Before I even say it, the reader will say, “Well, hell yeah. You have to be true to your characters.” And 9 times out of 10 – they buy the book. I had one woman buy Hunter 1 & 2, then buy all 3 Hailey’s because I’ve brought those characters into that series as well. Of course it’s a case of them LOOKING for fast-paced action, where I should have asked this woman if she was even interested. The lesson was worth the $20.

I had one woman love Baby, Just Say Yes and compare it to Nicholas Sparks. I was shocked since he is notorious for not-swearing. Although way lighter in that book, an occasional f-bomb is inevitable. She wants more – trust me – I will ask before I send anything not along those lines.

In any case, this was a case of a 2-star working out in a major positive. It was so many people’s favorite book – it was good to be brought back to reality – not everyone is going to love everything. It’s the one thing you have to be careful about when you don’t stick to writing in one genre. I am very proud of all my 4’s and 5’s but if you don’t get the rogue 3 or so, people just don’t believe they are real. Trust me. I have more contact and reviews from people I don’t know than people I do when it comes to my books. Just the nature of the beast.

Thank to anyone that has reviewed or written me about any of my books!

Happy Reading!


PS – here’s the linky to that wonderful site! Readers and writers check it out!

AXP read



Next release

I was asked about the title of my next release yesterday at a writer’s group. I was hesitant, still thinking I may change it. There’s an intro in the book about the original title and why the change. I loved a certain song but “Yes, Virginia. You need to pay up BIG-TIME if you want to use lyrics.” Rightfully so.

Soooo…then I came up with an AMAZING title! Thennnnnnnnn I see it on a movie poster the next week. ARGH.

So now – it is what it is. I do love the song. It was actually one from my wedding. It came out when hubby & I met on Kauai.  Guess I should let this one stick. 3rd time’s a charm, right? The song doesn’t fit the era, but I can still have my sweetie Marshall say it. 😛let's start with forever cover

The book is set in the 80s on Maui. It didn’t take much to remember those days. Like how the heck we met up before there were cell phones. And it was legal to drink at 18. (Could have had something to do with her getting pregnant, eh? 😉 )

I wrote this 9 years ago and just left it hanging. There was always something else screaming for my attention. Once again, I relied on my amazing street team to decide its fate. The reactions were overwhelming.****

I’m hoping to have this out before I head home at the end of the month to the “scene of the crime.” Yes, I “self-inserted” into another novel. Again.

Short blurb:

Pregnant at eighteen, Vicki never doubts her love for Marshall, only that she’s somehow holding him back if she accepts his marriage proposal. Marshall never stops convincing her of the opposite—she’s all he’s ever wanted. After a miscarriage late in her pregnancy, he has to fight for her all over again. Young love survives college and life on separate islands, but she’s not sure it can survive discovering a secret Marshal has kept from her about his past.

Happy Reading!


*****If you follow the blog/newsletter, this is the one I sent to Kindle Scout for giggles & $#its. I didn’t know what it was about. I didn’t want to send people there & say “vote for my book!” I wanted honest opinions from strangers. Unfortunately, I discovered it’s like any other contest – people send their friends. “Vote for me! vote for my cover!” Thus, I didn’t stand a chance. It was worth a shot – nothing I’d ever do again, though. I was glad to discover a “college” genre. I think it finally has a home. I’m happy to publish under the Pau Hana Books label. 🙂

ETA: Guess I should drop this here for “all y’all.” 🙂 Let’s Start With Forever – Color Me Bad


I’ve been home a few days now & I think I may finally be recovered.

It was such an amazing time! I’m sad to say, I was going too fast to even slow down and take many pictures!

There was a lot going on, but I didn’t take part in many of the events. I’ve done the rodeo bit, I’ve been to Rushmore… I did do a ghost tour of the Bullock Hotel, though.  There was a pub crawl following which I did “sort of” do. I had a great friend with me (Lola – the mom of Samantha in my kids’ books) and another gal we picked up that was there for the event. We be-bopped around & ran into them here & there. There were A LOT of bachelor/bachelorette parties going on. (I teased about changing “Bug” to “Cougar.” LOL)  Seriously – it was a great time.  We stopped in Wall along the way & in Mitchell to see the corn place. So much to do that way I’ll have to go again for sure. (And the speed limit is 80 in S Dakota! Whoo hoo!!)

Our favorite spot was where this guy was playing. I didn’t even tell him I was from Hawaii. Love the “shaka,” Yancey! Great music & crude humor at its best! I even sold 2 books at the bar after the event!


I did meet some great “new to me” fans and made some friends along the way. It was an amazing event of wonderful authors! I look forward to next year!

I gave away the kindle – congrats to PC Walker! I wish I got a picture here, too! She was an e-reader at heart so it has a good home!

Last but not least, I found a great new author site. I’m meeting some fabulous readers/reviewers. My love for Baby, Just Say Yes is renewed in the lovely e-mails & reviews. It’s still just 99¢ so hop on if you want to make Steve your new book boyfriend like Margie. 🙂

cover tiny

“*SIGH* The long line of Steve’s female admirers, just grew by one! What a fantastic love story! Laura and Steve are such lovable characters that I was immediately invested in their story. The day-to-day struggles that Laura pushed through, not knowing if her memory would ever come back. It made this story more realistic and poignant. Steve, (my new book-boyfriend,) was ever so patient and loving – and FUNNY! I believe romance lovers will love everything about this, second chance, romance. It’s country, it’s small town, with strong family and community support. The wedding, the friends, the dogs, the arguments and the kitchen table! June Kramin is new to me, but you can bet, I’ve checked out her back catalog!”

Here’s the site if you’re an author and are looking for some marketing or a reader looking to support authors and get some great free reads if you offer to do a review.

AXP daily deals

AXP read

Happy Reading!


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Hope to see you there!



New Bookie…maybe

Well…I know. It’s been forever. Again. Work and the holidays have been too busy for much else. My blog and newsletter are not the only things neglected. I honestly didn’t know when I’d write anything again.

When I’d wake up at 3 a.m. (as is the norm unfortunately) I’d think: “Hmm…I wonder what kind of trouble Hailey and the gang could get into?” Nip. Nada. Nuthin’. One day last week I finally opened up a word doc and just started typing. Silly me – I forgot that was their style. They got me going – we’ll see how far I get the free ride. 🙂

On another note, before the crazy season started, I re-read an old WIP of mine. It was one of my originals. Its original title was “Vienna Waits For You.” Vienna is my favorite Billy Joel song. It was too perfect for Marshall to sing it to Vicki thought certain parts of the book. I went as far as finding who had rights for the lyrics and seeing about obtaining permission. A very lovely letter came months later (after a 2nd request) wanting to know price of the book, sales projections, etc. Rightfully so, but I knew the lyrics would have to go. It was too much to even think of. But…but…they  were soooo PERFECT! *pout*sniff*more pout*

It was a simple romance, but one I loved with all I had. It also sits a little close to home. (Vicki gets pregnant at 18. Where did I come with that one? Oh, and it’s on Maui…in the 80’s. It was amazing helping characters through the days of no cell phones!) Vicki was a pain in my ass but I loved how Marshall loved her. My writing had taken a turn for more suspense and I just kinda let this one sit.

I won’t admit the level of moron I had reached as far as reading some of Amazon’s terms. Let’s just say one link led to another and I found myself looking into their Kindle Scout program. I never got into this biz to self pub. I’ve had publishers, but now this is the road I’m on. Although I will never query again, I thought I’d give this a shot.

If you aren’t familiar with the program: Kindle Scout is reader-powered publishing for new, never-before-published books. It’s a place where readers help decide if a book receives a publishing contract.” Right now, for me, this is perfect. I didn’t want to put my usual team though another read. Two of them read it early on but it has really changed over the years the few times I read through it, deciding how to best “blow the dust off.” Holy smokes…I wrote it in 2011! This was a great opportunity for me to get an honest, “sure, it was a good story,” or “nah, stick to your Hailey series. Your 18 year old was too needy.” 😉

Anyway, I entered it & it was accepted for a campaign. Here’s the link if you’re interested I seeing it or adding your “yeah or nay” the submission. https://kindlescout.amazon.com/p/QIVAL8R78AMV

I loved that they had a “new adult & college” category since I wasn’t quite sure where to place it.

If accepted, it will be the 1st time I’ve received an advance – kinda exciting to think about. I don’t know what the odds are but what the hey…it’s only been sitting on my laptop for 6 years. What’ll it hurt?

I’ll keep you posted.

Happy Reading,



Too much talent!

This artwork deserved a blog post at the least! I had to share it here.

A friend of mine creates the most amazing art! I bought this a while back. It resides in my kitchen so I can enjoy it daily. I also take it to my signings to accompany my middle grade books. It makes a perfect Rapunzel tower!mine-copy

I know my daughter would kill to get her hands on this:


And a few horsey friends that would LOVE this!


Here are some random glass items she makes:

She does the following journals by hand – no molds. She’s taken on a whole different twist and is selling them off – cheap. Too cheap. I bought 3. I’ll share the pics of 2 but not #3. It’s for my daughter for Christmas. (If it makes it that long!)

There was just something about these doors I had to have.

I’m sorry the pictures aren’t better and don’t do them justice.

The ones below are 6×8 & just $45

There are 6×4 and $30.

I’m sure you could ask for something special and get her to do it. This obviously just taps into the amazing things she can do!

Oh…did I mention she’s one of my favorite authors? Yeah. Not fair for one person to have so much talent. Ann Simko – Check her out. You could write her from there to purchase a journal or 2. 🙂


(who can’t draw a stick person!)


New release! Hailey #3!

Book #3 is finally here!


Blurb: Book three in the Hailey series is back full force, bringing you Hunt and Amanda from the Hunter’s Find series!

Vacationing at Parker’s Colorado home was nice, but unfortunately couldn’t last forever. Alexis once again needs their help. Someone is after her father’s business, even if it means eliminating her to get it.

Donny is forced to take out an unidentified assailant, which brings in Hunter and Amanda from the FBI, searching for answers. Parker is less than thrilled to have his toes stepped on by the feds, but agrees to partner with them for Alexis’ sake.

Once again Donny’s brother, Tyler, and his crew are needed. Both to protect Alexis from the unknown as well as the one man who they think may be more involved than they want to admit.  Hailey pays a hefty price on the gamble, searching for answers to keep Alexis from having to leave life as she knows it, and go permanently into their protective custody.


Up until this series, Hunter’s Find was my favorite suspense. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do about writing more after that publisher closed. I was thrilled when they came knocking on Parker’s door! I hope you are, too!

I have to thank the crew of the book for being patient with me while they got pushed aside since Dusty insisted I write his novel. But mostly, thanks to all of you for hanging in there with me. I saw a few sales squeak in on pre-release day. So, thanks!

A had more than a few hurdles with this one. I’m grateful for friends of mine that stepped in to help beat it into shape when my original editor couldn’t complete it. I also am very unhappy with the print covers again. I will be ordering them from a different supplier for signings. If you want a print copy – please contact me.

Amazon kindle link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01M0GR5FQ#nav-subnav

Smashwords for all other formats: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/666022

Barnes & Noble and the rest will catch up shortly.

Thanks & Happy Reading!