Long time no see!

I got in for a post & found this draft. Yikes! I thought it sent weeks ago. My bad.


As usual, I’m starting off with: “sorry it’s been so long…”

I was really trying to make an effort to post more regularly. The holidays just get the best of me with the “day job” thing, then I got slammed with the nasty bug that’s going around. Monday was week 4, although I’ve been much more back to the living over the past week.

Well..almost. This was me on Tuesday:
amaze myself

There’s one thing to be said about doing nothing but sitting around…after week two when my brain was back, I read a lot! I got a few final passes on Hailey #4 and got the word count to where I like it and all my loose ends tied up. Hailey and the gang are off to my first reader. I look forward to edits and comments! I’m thrilled with how Hunt and Mandy tied in with this story. It’s another based on Maui. Stay tuned for my cover!

I also dove into another oldie. My 88’s, Baby Trucker/cowboy series. Good GAWD I love Quentin! I wrote these 2 in 2010! I did some major improvements on certain structures but the stories still melt my heart! I’m not sure if I was pushing him back as other things hit me or if I just wanted to keep him for myself. Just like with Let’s Start With Forever, I think I was worried because it’s more on the lines of a sweet romance, not the suspense of my later work. Quentin apologies for swearing when he said, “RFN.” LOL

I think back then, I was thinking I could keep them clean enough for my mom to read but alas…I can keep Quentin from swearing but not Jessica from being a horn dog! (And no…They are still like my others – not erotica level but not quite closed door, either.)

So…that one is off to one of my readers as well. You’ll be the first to hear updates and see my covers!

Happy Reading!


Wild Deadwood Reads 2018

I’m looking forward to this event again this June. I met some amazing people last year. Deadwood is a fun town. Book your room now!

Looking for Legendary Events? We’ve got them at Wild Deadwood Reads 2018!

Deadwood Vacation

You are officially invited and welcomed to attend Wild Deadwood Reads Book Signing and Legendary Events in Deadwood, South Dakota. You’ll find so many things to do, including fun and adventurous outings planned just for us that weekend. Register right away so you won’t miss out on any of the excitement! Everything starts Thursday evening, June 7, with a Meet-and-Greet Cocktail Hour on the patio overlooking Deadwood. Check out the view!

View from the Patio

View of Deadwood from the Deadwood Mountain Grand.

Wild Deadwood Reads has grown since year one. In June, we had just under 50 authors, and since we’ve already registered more than 80 authors for 2018, we’re projecting we’ll double our author roster to around 100 for next June! To accommodate this bigger and more Legendary event, we’re taking over the entire, amenity-packed Deadwood Mountain Grand Hotel, and we’ve negotiated a fabulous rate for guest rooms for you from Wednesday through Sunday night, so you can come in early, stay an extra day, or do both!

Deadwood Mountain Grand

Our Hotel – the new and upscale Deadwood Mountain Grand

Get ready to jump onto a luxury motorcoach with 54 of your new friends-to-be on Friday morning for an all-inclusive sightseeing tour including three amazing destinations around the Black Hills.

Big Thunder Gold Mine

Big Thunder Gold Mine

Crazy Horse Monument

Crazy Horse Monument

Prairie Berry Winery

Prairie Berry Winery

Saturday morning you’ll enjoy a hot, delicious Breakfast With the Authors right in our hotel, in the Deadwood Mountain Grand’s Event Center on the second floor above the Non-Smoking casino. At one end of the Event Center we’ll relax over a scrumptious hot buffet breakfast, and at the other end are the ready-to-rock tables for the Author Book Signing!

Deadwood Mountain Grand Wild Deadwood Reads Book Signing

The book signing begins Saturday morning at 10:00 am in the Event Center which is accessible by escalator, elevator, and stairs, and there’s lots of room for us at this lovely venue! We’ll even have vendor tables where local small businesses will tempt you with everything from hair pretties to chocolate!

Book Signing

Aaron Bunce and his #1 Helper

During the Book Signing, you’ll have the chance to win something fabulous at the Basket Raffle, which will support a local non-profit organization. Authors, cover models, sponsors, and vendors are all very busy dreaming up the perfect goodies to place into a basket to catch your attention! Check out the basket examples on our website!

Saturday afternoon, we have The Rodeo! Right in town, it’s a gasp-provoking Professional Bull Riders Rodeo with the rankest bulls in the territory. We’re lucky to have an exclusive VIP Package, Behind the Chutes, where we’ll watch PBR Bullriders and stock contractors show us how they load the bulls into the chutes, and how the cowboys get themselves settled onto the bulls – for at least 8 seconds! We’ll enjoy VIP reserved seating for the rodeo, bus transportation both to and from the rodeo grounds, a special dinner after the rodeo at the No. 10 Saloon’s upstairs restaurant (in close walking distance of our hotel) featuring an entertaining show created just for us by our Rodeo hosts! Afterward, head downstairs for a live band at the official after-hours hangout for the Bullriders and all the rodeo staff. Get your cameras ready – they love to show off their belt buckles!

PBR Rodeo

2017 PBR Deadwood Rodeo

If you’re not in a Rodeo mood, we have the perfect event for you! Hosted at a downtown hot spot, Wild Bill Bar in walking distance of our hotel, join authors and readers for Wild Book Readings at Wild Bill Bar – with DESSERT! This sweet event takes us on a trip back in time as we head to their private, upstairs room which has been lovingly refurbished to look like a Victorian theater with bistro seating. A cash bar, an author-sponsored dessert bar of delicacies, and authors reading you their favorite scenes from their own books. Mix, mingle, and indulge! This event will be Legendary.

There’s so much to do and see in Deadwood and all around the area, you’ll have a must-see list that’ll keep you busy all weekend. And we give you plenty of time to explore on your own! Walking the streets of historic downtown Deadwood, you can easily imagine Wild Bill Hickok tipping his hat as he passes you on the sidewalk. Or Calamity Jane causing a ruckus at a noisy saloon. Or Seth Bullock facing down a gunslinger and sending him on his way to Mount Moriah Cemetery, just up the hill from town. And, well, you don’t have to imagine any of this. Deadwood stages free shootouts right on Main Street!

Wild Deadwood Reads Reader Registration is only $10 which includes a handy neck wallet and two more wonderful gifts which are listed for you on the website. Besides being the perfect spot for your phone and other essentials, the neck wallet holds your name tag which allows you to sign up for all the great weekend events listed above, some of which are FREE! Check out our website http://wilddeadwoodreads.com/ and our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/wilddeadwoodreads/ to see everything that you can experience! I am thrilled to be going to Deadwood next June, and I want to make sure you don’t let this awesome opportunity slip your mind or slide off your calendar. Register today and you’ll be all set to have one of the best, Wildest, and most Legendary times you’ll ever experience!

Book Bub Results

The results are in!

box set

I’m pretty happy with how the ad went. Book Bub lived up to everything I’ve heard about them. I’m writing this mainly for the other writers who have asked me the numbers breakdown.

I was lucky – Time Travel Romance is just about the cheapest genre to run an ad in.  I paid less, but didn’t see the thousands some see, but again, didn’t expect that. The numbers projected were pretty accurate. (They have great charts of what you can expect for sales.)  I did pay off the ad – which was my goal. (And that was not easy to do at 35¢ per trilogy ordered. Yes, 35¢ per THREE BOOKS ORDERED. No one made me do it – it was my choice – but this book price thing is for another blog post. 😉 )

So…over the 3 days – I had 685 orders.  I made the ad cost with a few $$ to spare. I can get a beer at happy hour. I’m still very pleased. My hope is people actually READ them. Even better – enjoy and review them.


ETA:When I wrote this, I didn’t account for Smashwords sales. I actually had as many there as Amazon so my results were double what I previously posted.

The topic came up at my writer’s retreat about as a consumer “putting all your eggs in one basket” is not a good thing. People do look elsewhere. Not everyone shops only Amazon. This was a good proof for me. (I actually wanted to buy a friend’s book yesterday with a B&N credit I had. She was Amazon exclusive. Bummer.)


Amazon was slow in changing the price back, since everyone I distribute to through Smashwords takes a bit and Amazon will always be the lowest, but that’s okay. It was 56 more sales over those following 3 days. I’ll take it. 🙂

Dustin Time was my 1st novel accepted by a publisher. I later had an agent want it, but I was under contract. By the time I was free of it, she wasn’t accepting new clients and I’d lost the will to query. (Especially knowing your chances are next to nil when the book has been out already.) Dusty will always be one of my favorites. (Shhh…don’t tell the others!)

I love this series will all my heart. Sure, making money would be fabulous, but having it read honestly outweighs that. I’ve had people tell me Dustin Time is their all-time favorite and have read it dozens of times. Some compared it to Butterfly Effect. (Which I had to later watch & loved!) There is nothing greater to an insecure writer than hearing stuff like that.

If anyone finds me & my blog through this sale, thank you for your support! I truly hope you enjoy them!!

Happy Reading!




Book Bub!

Whoo hoo! It happened! I got approved for a Book Bub ad! The ad runs 9/20 but it’s live now!

I’ve heard horror stories about people submitting a crazy amount of times and still getting denied. This was try #3 but I did up my game. I went from book one in my time travel series to the whole enchilada – the box set.  The sale is 99¢ for all three!

box set

Crazy? Maybe. But that’s what they are after – crazy good deals. I love these stories with all my being! I’d rather them be read than…well…dead.

Of course the goal is they like my style and want to read more! (And leave a review!)

I’d appreciate any shares (and reviews *wink*wink*).

The sale is reflected everywhere:





& More!

Some places have this cover:

box set flat

Happy Reading!!




Awards & “Bestseller!”

This is always a touchy subject for me. I’m very proud when I see a friend win awards. I love the sense of validation from an outside source for them and the potential of sales boosts.

This will not be the case for me nor will you probably ever see me tag my name with “NY Times Best Seller” “International Best Seller”  “USA Today Bestseller” “Amazon Bestseller” and so on.

First of all, you have to pay to be entered for an award. In one Google search for a list of contests, I found over twenty – the fees varied from $35-$95. On the main page of that Google search was this:

NOTE: Please be aware that some book awards are more focused on making money than recognizing the accomplishments of authors. Enter any book award contest only after careful consideration and review of its reputation.

For one thing, I’m too much of a cheapskate to throw money out on chance like that. Hence why I don’t gamble. To me, there’s something wrong if you have to pay. I would love to be validated but that doesn’t feel “real” to me. Even at RWA, you have to pay when you’re a member and you have to commit to reading a few entries yourself.


[I did win an award once for Double Mocha, Heavy on Your Phone Number, so this isn’t a “She’s bitter ’cause she’s never won.” LOL! I didn’t pay or send voters there – it was a “Reader’s Choice” thing and awesome to win it.]

So many contests are merely people sending their friends: “vote for  me!” “vote for my cover!” It’s a popularity contest and I’m just not a fan. (I’m guilty of doing it in the past, but no more! *cough*Goodreads lists*cough*) I learned the hard way when I tried listing Let’s Start with Forever at Kindle Scout. I wanted “new to me” readers and honest opinions on whether or not to publish the story, not my friends voting for it. It’s merely another popularity contest. Votes = a contract – NOT “XXX people read it & loved it so we want it.” Obviously it failed since I didn’t share it – that was not what I wanted.

Will I ever be a “bestseller of epic proportions?” Hopefully, but it won’t be printed on my books. Actually, if I follow the rules of some of these people, I could put “Amazon Bestseller,” but I won’t.

Just because you run an ad for a free book for a day and your book goes to number one for 10 seconds, I don’t believe that entitles you to add that to everything you write. And don’t get me wrong, I know some have that title legitimately, but it is also strongly overused. A few of my books have been at the #1 in their genre a few times. But a sales blast & 100 sales in a day doesn’t make you a true “Bestseller.” IMHO

I just saw a post on William Kent Krueger’s page. “After 18 novels, I’ve finally made the NY Times Bestseller list!” If someone like him took that long, I really don’t think “Margie McBeanFlicker” with her 10,000 word erotica short story in an anthology of twenty other stories with ONE well-known author deserves to use that title. You were not the best seller – you were on someone’s shirt tails. (Go ahead & throw tomatoes, again that’s just my opinion.)

Once again, I’ll boast about how much I love Amy over at https://www.authorsxp.com/.(No, she’s not paying me for this!) I have had some of the best e-mails from readers I’ve found through her site. That’s the best validation I can receive. Praise from real readers!

Sorry if it was another vent/rant. I’ve actually been cooking up this baby for a long time.  I don’t want to upset anyone. I know there are plenty of people that have earned their titles but more and more, I’m finding it abused.  Those are the ones that make me wince – not the titles in general. And again – not to “poo-poo” on people that have won awards. Kudos for throwing yourself out there & congrats!  It’s just not in my future unless it magically falls on my lap again (a lot like those monkeys flying out of my butt!)

Happy Reading!


New Release!

Well….I meant to blog about the pre-release but failed.  So, here’s the “it’s out” post!

let's start with forever cover

This is something new for me – it’s a New Adult/College age romance.

I actually wrote it around eight years ago and sort of just held it for myself. It was a little bit of “personal experience and memories held dear,” with a heavy dash of “what could have been.”

I had four readers on it before I had final edits. Even though I got thumbs up all around, I was still worried there wasn’t enough “intrigue” to the story. My current works are more suspense than romance – this was all “OMG – I love Marshall!” Writing romance, I need to remember – uh…that’s a good thing!

It’s set on Maui in the 80s and Vicki gets pregnant young. How do I come up with these story lines? 😉 Yeah…little but of personal touch, little bit of “In your dreams, Bug,” but oh what fun! Yes, there was a time we knew how to meet up when there were NO CELLPHONES!!!! (Thank God no cameras on everyone’s waist, either!)

I got my 1st review and was of course tickled to hear she loved it. No matter how many times you hear it, you always worry what the next reader will say.

So, if you’re up for a sweet romance,  not so heavy on the heat, go to your favorite e-retailer!


B & N


Now I need to go explain to my mom how much of this is really fiction!

Happy Reading!

A great 2-star review!

Alternate title: Why yes, Virginia, I do cuss like a sailor.

No, it’s not another post, begging for reviews. I’ve given up on that. I’d still like to get them, but for whatever reason, even the promise of a shiny new Kindle won’t make people come out of the woodwork. Those that will review – do, and others simply won’t no matter what. We drudge along.

(I will pimp a great site I have found for both authors looking for reviews and readers at the end. I’m meeting amazing readers here!)

I’m in the process of re-releasing all my titles. There are so many books to add to my backlog list, I thought it was time to update. Some had only 5 titles. I had to keep double checking – I have 16 women’s fiction titles out! (including my pre-sale for later this month)

Since I’m going though the trouble, I’m doing some minor housekeeping to my earlier works. I’ve learned so much along the way and have always wanted to give them a quick pass on some filtering things that are now my pet peeve. “Look” and “see” really bug me sometimes, as well as wanting to kill unneeded “that” and “up,” etc.

I’m currently working on Hunter’s Find. As I scrolled down Amazon – I had forgotten about a 2-star review from a few years back. I remembered when it happened and was a little tweaked. The woman had written me – said how much she loved everything I wrote & would love anything else. I sent her a print copy even to thank her. So yeah, the 2-star was initially upsetting, but it was a case of “just didn’t float her boat.” Can’t blame a reader for that. The thing here though for her, was the swearing. I always tease how my gals are sassy, potty-mouths, but this is a Mob story. Maybe the swearing was heavy but this is a case of having to be true to your characters. “Gosh darn it, Amanda. I’ve been shot!” just doesn’t cut it. Or, “Ouch, fella. You broke my nose and that smarts a little.” Um, no.

I had never dealt with someone not liking something before. I’m sure it happened, but I’ve never been told. When you do a read and review, people always say if they can’t give it at least a 3 – they won’t post. In this case I was glad she didn’t just write me. It was a great eye-opener. The one thing this did for me – I tell this story at every signing. Before I even say it, the reader will say, “Well, hell yeah. You have to be true to your characters.” And 9 times out of 10 – they buy the book. I had one woman buy Hunter 1 & 2, then buy all 3 Hailey’s because I’ve brought those characters into that series as well. Of course it’s a case of them LOOKING for fast-paced action, where I should have asked this woman if she was even interested. The lesson was worth the $20.

I had one woman love Baby, Just Say Yes and compare it to Nicholas Sparks. I was shocked since he is notorious for not-swearing. Although way lighter in that book, an occasional f-bomb is inevitable. She wants more – trust me – I will ask before I send anything not along those lines.

In any case, this was a case of a 2-star working out in a major positive. It was so many people’s favorite book – it was good to be brought back to reality – not everyone is going to love everything. It’s the one thing you have to be careful about when you don’t stick to writing in one genre. I am very proud of all my 4’s and 5’s but if you don’t get the rogue 3 or so, people just don’t believe they are real. Trust me. I have more contact and reviews from people I don’t know than people I do when it comes to my books. Just the nature of the beast.

Thank to anyone that has reviewed or written me about any of my books!

Happy Reading!


PS – here’s the linky to that wonderful site! Readers and writers check it out!

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