All right… back to what the blog was originally set up for – Dustin Time.

I officially signed the contract and sent it on its merry way to my publisher on Friday. We have been exchanging e-mails so I wasn’t worried about not getting it yet. (I’m totally lying here 😉 ) Seriously, we have been in touch and I had gotten the ISBN number as mentioned so I know things are moving along. The ISBN number was on the contract so I guess everything has it’s order.

The publisher and I have settled on a logline for the cover & decided to keep it short and sweet. “When Kaitlyn tries to leave Dusty, fate has other plans.” I’m not sure if I’ve ever said that the book is a Women’s Fiction with a Time Travel element.

I have submitted the back cover blurb and the 1/2 page teaser as well but I’ll wait for her final say so before I post them. (Way to stretch it out, huh?)

Next in line is obtaining the copyright. I don’t imagine there is too much thrill in that but hey, I’m loving every step.

Now if you’ll excuse me, the pony has gotten out of the fence once again. I’ve gotta put him away before a car stops to tell us there’s a bear in our yard. Faaaaaaarm livin’ is the life for me. 😀 (yes, we’re working on leaves today too)



3 thoughts on “Contract

  1. Jump? Ha! He’s so fat he’s lucky he can walk! He just squeezes through the fence. We rotate the electric part to keep him on his toes – he just keeps checking different places! He never leaves the yard – we could just leave him. I just walk out & say “bad dog” & he goes back in 🙂

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