Cabs & Trains & Piano Bars, oh my…


I haven’t been able to bring myself to post any more about the Chicago trip. They say there is no such thing as “Too much fun” but I strongly disagree. There is and I lived it… and now I’m paying for it but not how you may think. This goes beyond a sore throat for singing and screaming songs in a piano bar that were specialized just for your group or the hangovers you’d think we’d have. (Those are easily cured by the pre-10 a.m. beer, duh ;)) I’m talking about aching for the people you were with and not being able to stand it until you see them again. I miss you all so bad it aches. ((hugs))

*sniff* okay, moving on.

To quote a facebook post “we entertained the entertainers”. The piano bar we were at took requests and personalized songs for us. They learned our online nicknames or “handles” & put them into songs. “Run around Sue” became “Run around Stew”, “Save a Horse ride a Monkey” needs no explaining. They had a hard time trying to fit a “Zebra” into a song so “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” was settled on. “Take Me on a Sea Cruise” did fit nicely for our “Hooey-baby”.

When they asked if there were any celebrations going on, my friends sent a note up about my book getting published. They played Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” which was fitting more ways than one. It is kind of the theme song for my daughter’s fantasy series that I’m writing. She has made that the ring tone on her phone for when I call.ย  The song goes as follows “Just a small town girl” Hello – yes that’s me & we’ll skip to this line “She took the midnight train going anywhere”. That brought a shout from me & laughter because the biggest fuss on this trip for me was when my friend ToT was going to put me on a train to go hook up with everyone else. I don’t do big cities well. I grew up on a rock – it’s not my fault I’m geographically challenged. You turned Mauka “towards the mountain” or Makai “towards the sea”. Roads had names not numbers and I could not tell you which way was west if my life depended on it. Say right or left when giving me directions dammit!!

So… to put me at ease about the train ToT said, “Your stop is the end of the line. You have to get off.”

“I’m not falling for that again.”

“What do you mean?”

“My aunt said that in Philly once. ‘My town is the end of the line. They will say get the hell off’.”

Needless to say at the PA airport, I climbed on a train that said they were going there but it was the wrong number & it was not the end of the line for them. They didn’tย  say “get off” & I almost didn’t even though I knew I was in the right town. I like to follow directions to a “T” – I was reluctant to leave the train (because yanno, there could be another town with the same name coming up). My son’s girlfriend calls herself a “Citiot” for knowing nothing about country living – I think it is more fitting for me. Stealing your word Ashley :D. I did get there safely- thanks for the faith, ToT.

Hoo & I took a train into the city later that day. I knew she knew what she was doing so I wasn’t worried. We were both shocked when the train stopped before our stop & said ‘get the hell off’. There was construction and you were routed to a bus from there but we just hopped in a cab. At this point one of our friends called & we informed her we would be a little longer.

“They threw us off the train.”

“Okay. Just call when you get here.”

LOL! She didn’t even question the fact that we would have been thrown off! It is kind of a running joke with our group of loonies seeing as how last time a group from our forum got together in MD – we were almost thrown out of every museum….but that’s another story :). This is how we picked a bar for Sat night. One place just loooked too nice for the likes of all of us.

“I know a place,” says RLB. “It’s kinda a dive though.”

“Cool,” says Stew. “It’s much harder to get thrown out of a dive.”ย  ๐Ÿ˜€

I missed my daughters school concert while I was away & my hubby informed everyone where I was. I am admired for my bravery for hooking up with a bunch of people I only knew online. ย  Bravery-smavery – I would highly recommend this to any of you! If you ever want to spend 4 days laughingย  ’till your cheeks hurt – DO IT!!!!!


8 thoughts on “Cabs & Trains & Piano Bars, oh my…

  1. Now I’m all weepy again, damn it. I told monkey in text last night that the computer doesn’t feel close enough to you all anymore because I got the real yous for the weekend. I just miss you all so much. *sad face* We HAVE TO do this again soon. Hopefully next time I won’t look like crap in so many pictures. ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. This has been the toughest couple of days for me…srsly *sniff*

    Thanks for the directions “Bea” ๐Ÿ˜‰ I was waiting for “I told you so!”

    I’m off to bed & hoping for sleep tonight. No doubt I’ll dream of monkeys, Zebras, Trains, Hooey’s & some Stew ๐Ÿ˜€ oh, & a side of RaWo!

  3. I read this with a wistful smile. I LOVE the phrase “we entertained the entertainers” — so true!

    I was happy I could navigate for everyone, especially Sunday night.

    Now WHEN are you all coming to Mexico?

  4. Bug, I’m having a pretty awful couple of days too. Planning our next trip will hopefully make us feel better. Something to look forward to. ๐Ÿ™‚ We need a countdown.

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