Merry Christmas!!!

Yes – Merry Christmas. I may not currently have a “home church” but you can stick Happy Holidays in Minnesota. (That’s redneck for “where the sun don’t shine!”)

Since I have the world’s bestest parents, I am spending Christmas with most of my family in California. Most being everyone but my brother & his family from Hilo. They will be dreadfully missed! It’s not often we have all been together with our spouses, in fact, it has only been once 5 years ago. I was hoping we could twist big bro’s arm but no such luck :(. I’ll have to make a specialĀ  trip to see them because thanks to facebook, I am beginning to think my niece, Denyce, is alas… a mini-me. (Sorry Joe – you got my “I hope your kids are as bad as you” curse :D) *big grin*

We will have great house sitters for the expansive family of critters left behind – as well as all the new barn kitties that have decided to make our barn their winter home. One of my favorites (fitting named “Favria” by my daughter when she was born ) has made her way home after being gone all summer. Oddly, I am excited at her return. One more mouth to feed but you can just put that “crazy cat lady” plaque on my grave ;). I love most of the barn cats more than my 2 indoor ones!

Our best buds in Superior were kind enough to take the dogs for us so the sitters wouldn’t have to deal with their neediness. Lets hope they are still our best buds when we get back! We’ll be spending new years with them as well. If they don’t kill us over midnight champagne, we’ll call it a good trip.

Yes, I’ve been a travel freak lately between my class reunion in Vegas (that was pre-blog), my Chicago trip & now this. I have learned something from the 30 hr & 4 airport Vegas trip (for something that should have taken 1 airport & two hours). If anyone is traveling over the holidays or anytime, please, please, please… be nice to the airport employees!! It’s not their fault!! I won’t go into details with all that happened to me but I can say I made it my mission to be the one nice person these pour souls had to deal with that day!! Trust me – they are doing what they can!!

In the midst of all these plans – I am anxiously awaiting making plans for book signings!! My contract states I’ll have hard copies in August so I’m hoping for a Sept or Oct east coast date set! I’m planning on Philly so I can see some of my 100+ cousins as well as more than a few AWers. Stand by for party plans… I want our Humor mod to host a party in DC – I just gotta tell her she’s willing šŸ˜€ There is already a buzz on the forum started. Squee!!

I’m not sure what I’ll have for internet over the next 2 weeks so I wanted to say : Mele Kalikimaka & Hau’oli Makahihi Hou!!!

Sorry – you can take the girl outta the island, but you can’t take the island outta the girl!!


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