All good things come to an end…

I have mixed feeling about what I did yesterday. Okay, I don’t have mixed feelings, I’m sad. 😦
I ended my children’s fantasy series. *sobs*

I started this series about three years ago. Although I loved the first book – I now look back with a “Meh” in my heart. It was/is a cutsey book with my daughter and her best friend traveling into a fairy tale land and running into three princesses. Since then, I have had their adventures getting harder with each journey. They have gone from helping Cinderella get to the ball and helping the prince find Sleepy Beauty to solving things I recently read in Dan Brown’s latest book!! (I did it first, dammit!!)

I wrote the novel I have getting published in three weeks. The story wrote itself & I couldn’t stop myself. I did 9,000 words in one day (a lot of my friends say if you can get 1K out – it’s a good day). Most of my novels take me about a month and they all go the same way. I have a basic idea then my characters take over. I open my laptop with no idea where I’m going & they run the show. The novels are all 80-85K. My daughters books are only 25-30K but take me much longer. They require a lot of leg work and research. I am thankful for online resources – I can’t imagine having to spend time at the library with my nose in encyclopedias and such.

I am currently working on the 9th in the series & just looked at my notes. I started it in early October. I wrote the end yesterday but I still have a few last chapters to write & I have no idea what I’m doing with it! I’m sure its just the holidays & all the traveling & such but I have never not been able to breeze through it before with a little work of filling in some details. I know some of you would think this is not a big deal but for me it is. I know there are books that take years to write – but that’s just not me. I have never had “writer’s block”. Again, even if I had no clue what I was doing, my characters did. Especially in these books. I had my daughter and her friend running the show. I often burst out in laughter at something they said not knowing where it came from. They have gone from sweet, mischievous 8-years olds to 13-year olds spouting, “If Sam wanted you to shut up, she’d just say ‘shut your pie hole’.” LOL!

Its funny. I like the details of the newer ones & the tricks that it took to throw things together. I often wonder, “How the heck did I make it do that?” Three of my readers have said, “I like the new ones okay but I am still really stuck on the first one.” That’s funny to me because I think I wrote myself out of where the series was going at first and I don’t know what to do. I haven’t queried an agent in years over these & don’t know if I will. I wonder if I should make number one a stand alone cutesy fairy tale & forget the rest or add some to my 7th & submit it to Hollywood as National Treasure 4!

Okay… maybe I’m just blah because of the snow & cold. I’m home because I can’t get to work and although he house desperately needs cleaning, I’m going to open my WIP and attempt to at least do 1K today.

Here’s the website I have that I have refused to share with anyone. (I’m not concerned with my whopping 10 followers here πŸ˜‰ ). Any thoughts are appreciated. You really can’t hurt my feelings here. It’s pretty dead in the water as of yet…


5 thoughts on “All good things come to an end…

  1. Read your website. This series looks like a fascinating journey! And what a special ‘gift’ this is for both you and your daughter! I think it is so important for our children to witness our own dreams coming true and our own goals being met. (Outside of being ‘just mommy’.) Your example is a gift to her future as she develops her own dreams. Thanks for sharing this with us!

    I am looking forward to buying this series for my two girls!! πŸ˜€

  2. Thanks guys. It actually has inspired my daughter. She has really taken to writing & I know its these books that helped her along.

    So… suck it up & go get kicked in the gut some more agents? Some friends you are πŸ˜‰

    *big sigh* *kicks ground*


    Mkay. If you say so.

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