Facebook & Farmville & Flags, oh my…

It’s a fine line between time waster & hobby. Many of you know (by my availability on facebook and/or my writing forum) that I have a lot of free time during the day. I am a self proclaimed graphic artist but the job I have demands very little of those skills. Most of what I do is repeat orders, so very little designing is necessary. If I have to create a new Fire Permit form for the Sheriff’s Department, it’s been a big day. Step & repeat, add a box, done. Meh. No creativity. Zip. Nada… but it’s my job & it pays the bills & I do have the world’s greatest boss – so here I sit.

On my forum is where I get to use Photoshop & really get down & dirty messing around with my friends. Okay, I pick on a certain avatar more than others, but it’s fun & keeps my skills sharp. *cough* can justify anything *cough*

This bring my focus now to my hubby & how he spends his days. (Yes, it’s another “pick on my husband” blog post.) Being my wife isn’t an easy job in itself – on top of that – throw in the 40+ hours most weeks for his Elks Veterans stuff. There are those rare days when he’s “mostly” caught up with reports, isn’t currently looking for something else to do with the schools (he’s got most of the surrounding county 3rd graders supplied in dictionaries), and it’s too cold to go out to the wood shop to build benches for the Youth Camp.

I talk a lot about my friends on my forum and facebook. Some of these friends that I talk to all day on line have expanded into my night time as well. I text and talk to someone every night because I just can’t get enough. He’s patient when I need a 5 minute pause of a movie. I hang up with “Love You” & he knows it’s friendships & time well spent.

The past few weeks he has started to venture into the “realm” of facebook. I’m sure he’s wanting to see what he is missing. My daughter was thrilled to have him more active there. She’s a Farmville nut and was all to happy to help him tend his virtual property.

I’m pretty sure I’ve said before what a flag-waving-country-loving-patriotic-type person my husband is. No one stands straighter at a parade when they walk past with the flag. His every focus for the past few years has been “What can I do next for Veterans?”. He has taken it upon himself many times to have tattered flags replaced at schools, hospitals, etc with Elk funds and sometimes with money from his own pocket.

That being said, it didn’t surprise me one bit this morning when he started to tell my daughter what he did with all his ‘farm bucks’ yesterday. While everyone else eagerly purchases cows, sheep, & goats, here’s what hubby said:

“I bought a flag for my farm.”

Coffee hurts coming out of your nose. Didja know that? 😉

We’re trying to expand his horizons but “it is what it is” & that’s okay too. 😀


7 thoughts on “Facebook & Farmville & Flags, oh my…

  1. Now I understand your comment about ironing his flag. And here I thought it was a euphemism…

    I use the same excuse when I’m messing around in Photoshop — I’m honing my skills!

  2. Hehe. I was using Farmville for a while, too, but only because Val asked. Once she got other friends and didn’t need me I got out – got tired of other “friends” bombarding me with requests.

  3. Glad you’re keeping in touch with peoples through Facebook & Farmsville *Pretends to know the latter*

    I think it’s sweet you’re husband wanted a flag for the farm.

    Take care.

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