Got Music?

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Dum.. duh duh duh… duh duh duh….


Steve Perry

Okay, maybe you couldn’t tell by the 1st three notes – but I could. 😉 If I have to single down a sole talent I have, it’s my 80’s music lyrics retention. Yes, I like to think of it as a talent, hubby likes to think I had no life in the 80’s. Mayhaps he’s right, mayhaps he’ll need to remove my new black heels from his behind.

I had a great time with family last weekend. We went over for a football game (which I hate by the way) but we played a board game afterwards while the satellite radio was on the 80’s channel. I can say that I kicked their butts at song trivia! Okay, maybe I was the only one playing… but I rocked. *pats self on back*

It’s funny that I can’t remember what I had for lunch yesterday but I can recall the lyrics to a song I haven’t heard in 10 years. It’s especially funny when you listen to one & it suddenly hits you. “OMG!!! That’s what those lyrics meant!!” Then you call all your friends to see if they knew what you didn’t. People think the music is so much worse today but really, I just think we were just a little more naive’ back then… maybe. Bow Wow Wow – I Want Candy… How did I not get it? Prince – Little Red Corvette… um – not about a car & 100 others. I await the call from my daughter when she’s 30 & at a shrink. “I can’t believe you let me listen to New Age Girl (Mary Moon). Do you know what they are saying?” *snickers* At least it beats Simple Plan Addicted (which she sang at age 6.) MOTHER OF THE YEAR!!!!

I have a very vast range of songs on my ipod. Over 800 & you could quiz me on the lyrics to any of them. It ranges from AC/DC to Kermit the Frog. I like to think I’m pretty open minded when it comes to music. I can tolerate a lot. Hubby likes country which is okay. I like most of it except for an older station which I like to refer to as “Slit your throat already” music.

Movies highly influence my list. I have a Frank Sinatra (sorry – no linky) & a Joey Gian song from one of my favorite movies – Return to Me,“Baby it’s Cold Outside” from Elf as well as Billy Holiday from Forever Young with Mel Gibson *swoon*. My daughter stopped watching Pokemon years ago, yet I still have the 1st movie theme song on there because, well, how does Battery put it? Oh yes, I’m a dork! 😛

When I was in Chicago with friends, I played Flo Rida – Low and Monkey said he would have never expected me to like music like that. Oh yeah, baby that & worse! Anyone remember Tom Tom Club – Genius of Love? Only me and my best friend could sing the funky middle part. I also occasionally shamelessly blare the first rap song ever. Sugar Hill Gang – Rappers Delight. I have wonderful memories of float building with my classmates over that one.

For me, with every song I hear, it triggers a memory. When we watch a show that has a time line & you have to guess the year, I know NOTHING ’till they say a song that came out.

Got music? It does a heart good. Oh wait? Did you hear that? Gotcha. Didn’t I. 😉

ETA: That is not my signed photo of Steve Perry but I do have I have Billy Squire 🙂


5 thoughts on “Got Music?

  1. Music. I grew up with music, my grandmother being a professional opera singer, and I do relate many songs and artists with memories.

    Like when I sang Material Girl at a summerfest with the band I was singing with at the time. Or how New Order belongs to my First Love, and Bruce Springsteen to my True Love.

    My music, like yours, ranges from opera to zydeco to Etta James to Nine Inch Nails to Beyonce to Melissa Etheridge to Bow Wow Wow. I love all sorts of music.

    BTW, the Chicago White Sox had “Don’t Stop Believing” as their 2005 song. 😀

  2. Fun post! My husband always says that if I took all the brain space used to store lyrics I would know SO much. But what fun would that be?

    I still can’t believe I was the only one who knew all the words to It Takes Two!

  3. I used that in one of my daughters books. “Daddy isn’t as good at it as me. He has things that he actually needs to know.” Something like that anyway….

    I’ll take useless crap for $500, God!

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