That's a lot of dirty, baby.

Okay. First round of edits are off! Now I get to enjoy the new toy hubby bought when I get home. We got a little bit of a tax return and finally joined the 21st century. Ta da! Our new toy looks something like this :


We have put it off forever since I didn’t think we really needed it with as little as we watch it. However, when we tried to watch Kite Runner and couldn’t because of the subtitles and our “aging” eyes, I knew it was time. My son has an awesome feature on his phone that scans bar-codes & tells you where the item is cheapest in town. I hate playing that game but Best Buy matched the other price and viola! A chopped entertainment center later, we’re in like flynn, baby!

When my daughter came in to say good night last night, the most awesome advantage of this new toy occurred to me…and I made her blush.

That’s right! This:

and this:
and even more of this:

Bigger. Better. Dirtier, baby!

I sure hope the screen in windex friendly :}

*wipes drool*


4 thoughts on “That's a lot of dirty, baby.

  1. NICE! I am now spitting distance from our 48″ flatscreen and I really really want to get that bad boy set up to ogle a certain werewolf’s abs. I mean, watch nature documentaries. About wolves. With abs.

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