Vacuum Robot

Another typical breakfast at our house. Hubby & I drinking coffee, George (the kitty) trying to steal milk from my daughter’s cereal bowl, me trying to get my daughter to snort milk out of her nose… yanno, normal morning stuff.

I was telling hubby about what I did with the rest of the tax return. Nothing as exciting as the new TV – I just paid off a credit card. Big whoop – but it felt good. I said, ” I wish I thought to get one of those robot vacuum things.”

Like this:


I will hug him and kiss him & name him “squishy.”

Okay, not really but I would LOVE to have one. Even with a tax return, it’s hard to justify almost $300 for a moving CD player to pick up the animal hair that accumulates daily in my house.

When we moved into our home, there was carpet everywhere. And I mean, everywhere. The kitchen, the bathrooms… everything had that short pile ugly tan carpet. It didn’t hold up well to my dogs who are more inside than out. We changed it out after a year and put down a nice wood floor which is now, their skating rink. It’s cleaner looking but now it requires a daily sweep instead of daily vacuum. I swear I don’t know how they are not bald. Even when I shave them all summer long, the hair is horrible. It’s tedious, but what so ya do? I won’t make them become outside beasts so I deal with it.

This is where that robot would come in handy and save me the task but even that would probably have its downfall. Right away hubby said, “It would have to have a self emptying station. It’ll fill up in a few passes.”

“Great,” I said. “One more thing to take a crap around here.”

At this point we were successful in the ‘milk out the nose’ previously mentioned comment.

That of course led to, “Maybe it’ll be puking up hairballs before it gets to that stage.”

“Maybe we should get the self bailing, model,” I added.

“Then we’d have to buy the row sweeping model to precede it.”


Guess I’ll stick to my swiffer, my huge dust mop, my large vacuum and my little corded Dustbuster with the handle. It’s work but what the hey, they’re cute.  For all the frustration & love one can have in one home, they are my beasts and they are here to stay.

Hubby may act like he doesn’t like ’em, but they sure love him. 😉


“Lord, help me to be the type of person my dog thinks I am.” 😀


5 thoughts on “Vacuum Robot

  1. 😀 this one just gets a grin. Okay…and a LOL! If I’d have been there you would have gotten the milk out the nose, I’m sure of it.

  2. Ha! I love that quote at the end. You totally cracked me up with the robot taking a crap. Nice.

    Squishy would be very appropriate considering all the hair that would be inside.

  3. Our Dyson is awesome and has lasted years while others smoke and fall apart after only months. (Not from pet hair.. from MY hair!!)

    Funny pic! My dad HATED our cat while I was a kid, but that cat was always jumping in his lap. 🙂

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