Brings a whole new meaning…

….to lets play “House”. Doncha think? e2b

Again I’m cramming my DVD loves down your throat, my bad. With all my TV complaining about how there was nothing & why we canceled cable – I am grateful for the few tips and great leads. It makes it all that much more enjoyable to be able to buy years worth of seasons and be able to watch them through back to back & sans commercials. (Yes, hubby. I said sans just to irk you :P)

Looking through Hugh Laurie pictures this morning made me: A) Need to go get paper towels for my keyboard & 2) think again how cruel life is. While I spend fortunes on “age defying this” & “wrinkle erasing that”… Why the hell do men get better looking with age? Maybe its just another great plan well thought through so we can put up with all them and all the mud tromping, non-trash receptacle/recycle bin finding, sock on the floor leave-age, etc. (’cause you know ‘wimminz’ in general are perfect.)


Life is not fair but you know, I’m really not minding too much. I’m sensing a pattern to my favorite show/actors.


Hmm…. Mike Rowe with a British accent or Hugh Laurie dirty…. yes please!


Editors note : sorry to all my dude followers. I’ll try to do something with a little Megan Fox for you at a future date 😀


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