Where to start….

My latest box arrived from Barnes & Noble… or Amazon…whoever. I go with who e-mailed me latest coupon & rack up enough $$$ to get free shipping. This always amazes me because even if you click  “send in as few boxes as possible, which might cause delays” (but that’s what you have to chose to get it free), it still always comes in 2 or 3 boxes anyway – sometimes still on the same day – sometimes only a day behind. I don’t know how they make any money this way but I guess I don’t care. Shipping expenses are my pet peeve. I will always spend the $10 on another item than spend $7 for shipping. I live for the UPS deliveries with my books or DVD’s (and the driver is even used to our dogs). <img src="Emoticon <img src="Emoticon


So – here is what is currently on my plate with this shipment. I had to get one of my editors books – Teri Thackston, because she did such an incredible job with editing Dustin Time. The things she made me fix or add I know has made it that much better. I learned so much in even the 1st round with her. I have asked that if the 2nd book I submitted is accepted that I please get a stab at it before it goes to her (lest she wants to set her eyes on fire & put them out with an ice pick….)

The other 3 are writers on my forum. Gini Koch I bought on release date. She gave me my 1st rep point at AW & will always have a spot in my heart. I just learned about Kaylea May’s book (thanks Adam), & I have had John Levitt in my shopping cart forever… I gotta go back & see what his handle is!  It must not be someone I mingle with regularly but something made me add it to “wish list”. Somehow it kept getting passed over – maybe because I always had too much on my plate? Who knows. Looks like its always going to be that way. C’est la vie! There are worst ways to go broke than supporting fellow writers.

Also in the box was this. I saw it years ago & could only ’sort of’ remember the storyline. I hoped it wasn’t a bomb (like some of the $2.97 movies that I spared you a review of….) If you see it, pick it up. Hubs and I had a good laugh. Two best friends grow up together. One becomes a Priest & one becomes a Rabbi. Of course you gotta throw a girl in the mix to make it fun.
A Priest & a Rabbi…. wait… I know this one. :D


I must also mention that I just finished Beta-ing “Stray Fingertips” for our own little “pernicious monkey”. Look at this face people. It’s the new Dean Koontz or Steven King… whomever you prefer. It’s just a matter of time. Just remember, you saw it here 1st. 😉



12 thoughts on “Where to start….

  1. Mr. Turkey has been told he looks like Ed Norton. I personally think he looks more like a blond, blue eyed John Cusack. So now I can’t see either actor without thinking of him. It is a cute movie.


  2. It’s like Christmas once a month, Kirsten…okay…maybe twice :D!
    That’s awesome, Nadine. Times have sure changed for shipping to Hi!

  3. I was just thinking last night that I’ll have to order some books when I get my first paycheck. I have a couple friends with books coming out in May (I think) and I can’t wait to read them!

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