I do not think that word means…

…what you think it means. Yes, another Princess Bride quote day. 😀

**note** I apologize in advance to mother for the repeated use of “you suck” … couldn’t help it.

You suck. Yes, that’s the word that had become “you’re awesome”  in our house. We’ll be the new trend setters like when “bad” meant “bad” not, “Whoa, man. That’s baaaad.” Meaning good. Or when “hot” was just “hot” not like, “Dude. He’s hawt!” You wouldn’t dare call a girl “fat” but you could call her PHAT (pretty hot and tempting) and so on…. I could really do this all day.

So… my daughter shows me an awesome clay sculpture or drawing she did & I holler “you suck.” 1) because it’s so darn good and B) I could never dream of doing that.

Along with everything else she does well, she kicks our butts at games. “You suck!” is the standard “you won.” If you haven’t played Quiddler before – get it. It’s a fun word game & even my 6 year old niece rocks at it but I really don’t want to teach her “you suck” just yet. Two weeks at summer camp or 2 hours with Aunty Bug… pretty much the same effect.

We have an aunt that is pretty cut throat when we play Quiddler. The game has strict rules but we usually bend them a little – she does not. No proper names. No foreign words. “Can’t use “yen” it’s Japanese money.” “Can’t use “lei” it’s Hawaiian,” and so on. I was tempted to put down “boobs” just to see if it was allowed.

So yes, kids kick our butts at this.  As writers (or adults) I suppose we’re supposed to have a  better vocabulary but maybe kids have less clutter in their brains and aren’t trying hard not to giggle when they see this & think “Gee, if I only had an ‘i’…”


ab –  mind of a 12 year old boy.


So… picked on daughter… can’t leave out son. Top 5 reason’s to holler “you suck” at my son.







Yup. I just need the one. His girlfriend took him on a cruise. I think my “you suck” is justified here & means exactly what it’s supposed to mean.

It’s a very cool pic w/ my son & his girlfriend. D & Ash.  Collectively, we call them “Dash”. Saves time. 😀


11 thoughts on “I do not think that word means…

  1. Thanks for explaining PHAT for me. I had no idea it was an acronym. You’ve also given me a great idea for mother’s day. I need a cruise. A cruise away from kids AND hubby. Perhaps a writing cruise?

  2. Inconceivable! 😉

    Even though we’re writers, sometimes kids are just more clever than we could ever be.

    I second Turkey – lets have a writing cruise! No hubbys or kids allowed.

  3. That does sound good gang…. especially seeing as how it’s going to be in the 30’s this weekend! ACK!!!

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