A view from my window.

Not my bedroom window but from my car’s passenger window just before I turn into my driveway. Ain’t it cool? ( I know, Mrs. Stein from 3rd grade, You ain’t supposed to say ain’t ’cause ain’t ain’t a word… but i like it. Tough noogies.)


We are very fortunate that on one side of our property, there is 160 acres of forest. All other farm sites in the area are just surrounded by fields. We have a nice break from planting and harvesting on one side anyway. You hear coyotes every night, watch deer tromp around our property and find the left-over mayhem of the occasional raccoon. Still cool to me after growing up on Maui and mongoose being the most exciting common wildlife.   (Of course we had sea turtles & whales, but lets leave the ocean out of this post. 😉 )

The forest also had a big part in my kid’s series (making it’s debut as the Enchanted Forest) and I found it funny (just last night actually) that I never put this guy in it as some kinda guardian of it or something. I’m thinkin’ he’d make a cool cover – no photoshopping necessary! Dern… maybe I’ll have to do some editing again…


8 thoughts on “A view from my window.

  1. That is wild. It would totally give me nightmares, at least as a kid.

    A turkey ran in front of the car ahead of me yesterday (a WILD turkey) and I wished I’d been fast enough to take a picture. I also pass cows and horses every day — just on my street.

  2. I have to avoid wild turkeys all the time too, Hoo. I don’t understand why hunters say they are so hard to get. I tell them, “Just disguise yourself as my car.” :/

    (we really have to keep a better eye on Turkey 😉 )

  3. Oh for some reason that tree reminds of the tree in Poltergeist. You should totally write about the tree being a good guardian though. Perhaps it will dispel the evil tree image.

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