Nectar of the gods


Oh coffee… thought art such the nectar of the gods. You tease me with the aroma as the container opens and again as the grinder not no gently mashes up your cute little shell & “bean crack”  into fine grids. I then douse you with boiling water until you give up all that is heavenly and even more pleasing to my sense of smell. Perfection…. almost. Before you touch my lips… just a pump of sugar free vanilla syrup and a small splash of cream & I’m yours…

/ dream scene. * sigh *

I know this will be hard to believe, but 2 weeks ago when my doctor said to give up coffee, I actually listened. Oddly, I don’t miss it. With all that was going on anyway, it was hard to single out the headaches as being ‘lack of caffeine’ induced. Everything was funky anyway so maybe it was a good time to wean myself.

I just discovered this morning, ‘cause I’m super alert this way, that hubby had also given up coffee for the past three days. I thought maybe he was being nice and not making it until I left, but he had actually quit too. This is a change from the 1st few days where I thought he was in hog heaven having the whole pot to himself. I would come home to travel mugs left all over the house like he was too giddy about it to control himself. Um… if I had wanted another cup when the pot was empty – I’d just make one, but, to each his own. 😉

So… here we are coffee free, for now, and doing well. This is a far cry from when we owned a cyber cafe and drive though coffee shop and pretty much had it intravenously 24/7.  Of course I’ll have to keep coffee around for guests *cough*mother-in-law*cough* and I’m not saying I will never have a cup again… but for now, I feel pretty good about it and don’t miss it. I was starting to get shaky in the mornings & had cut from 3 cups to 2 anyway – so maybe it was a sign. TMI alert – my bladder must surely be thanking me as well. I don’t miss the dozen shi-shi* breaks each morning. (first one to comment with my bladder doesn’t like it when I call it Shirley, gets smacked.)

*If you haven’t been playing along – you’ have to go back a few blog posts to figure that out… but I think you get it anyway.

Now Doc…. about the booze? Yup. Still haven’t broken that one either… but I’m putting money of the fact that – that one WILL get broken eventually. tongue


6 thoughts on “Nectar of the gods

  1. Mmmmmm……you had me at ‘bean crack’

    Decaf? I can’t have a lot of caffeine without getting very ill and shaky, but I still enjoy the flavor of coffee. (Black with sugar)

  2. 😛 Trish.

    I really don’t miss it at all, Turkey. Verreh odd indeed, but if I do want to start, that’s a great idea. I took tea to work thinking I’d miss the motions of drinking hot liquids even but nada.

  3. Inspiring post. I’ve never drank coffee in my life, but will drink a pint to a liter of diet pepsi or coke zero a day, depending on how much is on hand. I’ve been thinking about kicking it for a while, as well as changing my diet, so maybe this will get me to do it. I did get off it several years ago and went months without caffeine, and experienced the same positive results you did. I don’t know if it’s the caffeine or just the taste that keeps me drinking it – I can’t just drink water all day. Need to find a healthy alternative.

    When I was in the Maui PD, rookie officers working the office (called RD “receiving desk” duty”) were required to make coffee for the office sergeant and radio dispatchers. I refused, and demonstrated my lack of skill at making it by totally burning one attempt (intentionally). On my first eval from that sergeant, he wrote “Officer Donaghy is diligent, hard-working, demonstrates initiative and takes pride in his work. If he could only make a pot of coffee he’d be perfect”.

  4. LOL!

    You should give up soda. I never drink it (except w/ Captain Morgan of course so even that will be even more so scaled back) Pisses me off when I complain about wanting to lose a few pounds & people say just give up soda. :/ I don’t even drink it & now have nothing left to give up.

  5. I get wicked migraines when I go off coffee, so that won’t be happening anytime soon. I only drink one cup a day so I don’t think it’s too outta hand yet.

    Good for you for following doctor’s orders. I’m with Trish — it’ll be fun to break you back in in KY. 🙂

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