I’m six miles from home when suddenly panic sets in. The voices in my head begin to argue.


“I gotta turn around! I can’t go all day like this!”

“Yes, you can. You’ve done it before.”

“But it was terrible! The shakes….the worry… I can’t do it!”

“But you have to go get a few things at the store. There isn’t time to go back.”

“I’ll go after work.”

“You hate going after work. It so crowded.”


“Just keep going. You’ll be okay.”

“No I won’t.” *lip quiver*

“Yes, you will.”


Stupid cell phone. Why didn’t you holler to me from downstairs before I left this morning? Where’s your loyalty??

So yes. Panic set it but I sucked it up. I’ll live. I’ll e-mail my texting freakazoids and let them know that my life support system is at home, comfy on the couch & smug at it’s day off. They all get e-mail alerts to their phones so nothing lost I guess. *shudders*

The worst part about this panic attack? I was worried the whole drive. “How can I let hubby know I don’t have my phone in case he wants something? The neighbors only have cell phones too – no land lines. I don’t know those numbers!! They’re all programmed in my phone! What can I do? E-mail someone that has his number so they can text him?”

This scenario played for a good 15 minutes before I figured out the dilemma.

“Gee, I guess I could pick up my work phone and call him, huh?” GAH!!


10 thoughts on “No!!!!!

  1. Hehe, lurve the post. 😉

    I hate forgetting my mobile phone (it ain’t called a cell phone here), even though no bugger calls me on it… 😦


  2. Gimme your digits, Adam. :e2brows:

    I know that caw! Iffin you’re gonna change your name – you could at least sign up like you promised. 😛

  3. I think mine is in my purse… it might even be charged. Hubs wants me to get a ‘smart phone’ because I’d at least keep it near me for all of the fun applications.

  4. I couldn’t find mine saturday. I refused to leave the house until I did. Took forty-five minutes to discover I’d set it down in the kids’ closet while putting away clothes.

    I can’t live without it.

  5. I panic when I forget mine too.
    I got the IM this morning (of course after I’d sent a text and wondered why I didn’t hear back). :p

  6. *whew* I knew I wasn’t alone. ‘cept Joey. I thought you’d be more techno geek about it. Maybe you need an iphone or supin’ 😉

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