Bug walks into a bar with a duck on her head…

(I actually do have a hat with a duck on it but I’m not posting the pic! ;))

I remember when a friend of mine in Bemidji got sucked into the latest trend years ago. Rubba Ducks. The first few seemed like a novelty & not too horrible but I thought the trend died off. If I wasn’t falling for a duck dressed as Goldilocks or sporting a unicorn horn, I didn’t think too many would. I still see different themed ducks like military related uniforms & such in Oriental Trading Company magazines though, but that’s where I thought, “The duck stops here.”  Admittedly, some of the themes are cute & seem harmless enough for party favors. (We even had a rubber ducky day at the VA hospital & the little buggers were actually a hit.

The image search started off innocent enough. I should have known better… Joking around in a thread, someone asked where his rubber ducky went. I remembered this little guy, found a picture easy enough, and ta da! The line “He went out for Chinese” was delivered with the proper picture.

That lead to this one being posted which I think is hilarious. Blues Brothers. Always good for a laugh. Ducks on a mission from God.
blues bros

I had no idea the trend was still going…& out of control at that. Do these ideas come to the creators in the tub like I get my writing ideas in the shower?

Is this Zorro or Westley as the Man in Black from Princess Bride? “I do not think that duck is what you think it is.”


These are a stretch. Srsly? Wait. It’s for the stand up comics that like to write in the tub…right? “A rabbi & a nun were walking downtown”……splash splash… bubble bubble… “’cause you’re wearing the Pope’s shoes. *rimshot*


This one is going to give my cousin Kevin nightmares again about my Halloween costume a few years ago.


I’m guessing Edward here? *snickers*

And his friends, the haunting trio.


I have to say… If I didn’t find Zombie Duck – I’d’ve had to photoshop one for Stacy.

And yes, I about fell over when I saw these. okay *puke*


The fist one of you to send me this set *cough*Trish*cough*, gets a swift kick in the.

Not even I would want “Say Cheese”. Look close. He’s not just smiling… he’s marble cheddar/jack. Who makes these things up?

Well…. I will take this one though. 😀

I did this little “ditty”  for my daughter once. An old boss had shown it to me. Turn off your good grammar & talk hillbilly. You’ll get it 😉 It kinda fits for this post.

C Dem Ducks

M R not ducks

M R 2 C D E D B D Beaks

L B M R Ducks



13 thoughts on “Bug walks into a bar with a duck on her head…

  1. GAH! I won’t do it. I srsly want to, but I won’t. :p

    My high school mascot was a duck. We had shirts made up when I was a sr. all kindsa ducks doing all kindsa things, with hilarious puns and punchlines. I wish I still had them. 😦

  2. Just one Kevin. Close the website & block it! Funny how you came to mind right away when I saw Sumo duck 🙂

  3. LOL – These are great!

    I remember my old coworker was really into the Celebriducks and would bring them into the office. Too funny!

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