I :heart: b-day parties!

I have always gone overboard for parties for my daughter. I always thought I’d make a great party planner. 😀

When my sister- in-law asked for help with my niece’s party – I was thrilled! Even more so when my niece said she wanted the ladybug theme! w00t! I promise I did not sway her in any way!!

I’ve said before that I can’t draw for beans but I think this came out pretty derned cute! I found a picture in a magazine & hubby made it in no time flat for me.
He made this too. My daughter painted it & I sewed ladybug print bean bags.
bean bag toss
A little face painting…
A little antennae…
Catch the bugs (attached to candy) with a net…
& cupcakes by mom.
As the kids ate, my sister in law played little ditties like the chicken dance & the hokey pokey. Of course I danced around the table as I filled juice cups over and over. My daughter said, “If these kids were older, I’d be really embarrassed about now.” *snickers* My job here was almost done.

A bubble machine, a few crafts, a caterpillar ride (pulled by big brother in the 4 wheeler) & viola. 1 exhausted mommy, 1 poopered Auntybug & successful lessons on birth control for 4 middle grade helpers. (Just teasin’! For 10 – 1st graders – it went really well!)

If you have too much time on your hands & want party ideas. Ding me! 😀

It also happened to be Ringo’s b-day too. This is an old picture, but he ages well. I have yet to make his carrot cake.
It’s funny because my other horse, Charlie, shares a b-day with another niece too.  She’s in Hawaii so I don’t think I can do a shared party for them. 😉


5 thoughts on “I :heart: b-day parties!

  1. It all turned out awesome! Yay for auntybug! 🙂

    My 40th b’day in November should be themed “Hey, it’s better than Under the Hill” 😀

  2. You are SO creative! Can we do a theme party for my 36th? Something along the lines of “this isn’t a significant year AT ALL but hey, you’re Hoo”?

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