Official Logline & Blurb

I found a chance to do a guest blogging to promote Dustin Time through Champagne Books’ forum so I begged my publisher for my official blurb. All I can say is, Ellen is good! (I don’t think she reads my blog so I’m not sucking up. :P)

I’ve always said that writing is the easy part. You’d think summing it up and writing the synopsis would be easier. It’s not – for me anyway. Writing a query & summing it up further? Forget it. Harder yet. Go even shorter & write the blurb then a one sentence logline… you get the point. Apparently I have “sum it up”** issues. Maybe some of you rock at it but I’m grateful for my publisher’s input.

Words cannot express how thrilled I am that now that I have something published with Champagne, I don’t have to send queries anymore. I do, however, still need to still write the synopsis for each one when I send off the full but I should not be complaining at all. A little discipline is good, right? On my forum, someone started a thread about missing the whole query process. I about fell out of my chair. That’s like me saying I miss the dentist that put in my bridge on Maui. Umm… no thanks. In fact, do an unnecessary root canal & shove some bamboo shoots under my fingernails while you’re at it. Do you get how much I hate querying?

So, anyway, here’s my logline & blurb. The guest blogging won’t be until July 30th or Aug 6th (since my e-release is Aug. 1st). I’ll post it here when it’s up.

Logline: When Kaitlyn tries to leave Dusty, fate has other plans.

Blurb: A successful veterinarian, Kaitlyn thought she was content with her life. That is, until she turns thirty and realizes that her current ‘boy toy’ is simply not the father material she was looking for. As her biological clock ticks loudly in her ear, both her ‘toy’ and fate strongly disagree.

But something happens and over the next several days, she starts traveling between her birthdays of an altered present and those of her past, leaving her more confused than ever. With the help of a kindly old custodian named Frank, Kaitlyn comes to terms with her feelings for Dustin. And can Dustin Time quiet the ticking she’s trying so desperately to ignore?

Need the cover again? *giggles*

***You guys know how hard it was for me not to make a “size matters” here joke, right? You’re welcome, Mom.


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