It's Leroy!!!

I’m sure many of you don’t take the time to check out all the links on the blogs you follow. Half the time, just reading the blogs themselves takes enough energy & time. Every now & then, I will browse my friend’s links & blogrolls to see if there’s someone I know that I’m missing or check out an oddly named link that looks like it might be fun.

After an awesome steal yesterday, I’m here to pimp one of my links! A friend of mine when I was growing up has made quite a name for herself in the art world. I encourage you to click on her linky & take a peek. It’s recycled art & very original & cool. You’ll see she has a lot of celebs that have her things & I know some of her work was in the background of a TV show… although I can’t say which since we don’t have TV, duh. 🙂

Here’s my purchase!
It’s perfect because this guy:
Is always getting out of the fence.

Shari had no idea of this story – it’s just a co-inky-dink. The pony was given to us with the name Bruiser but I call him Leroy after the horse in the song “Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy”. It’s also Shari’s dad that has the nickname Leroy, which the whole “that’s the pony’s back half’s name” joke started. He’s Bruiser P. Leroy… although the ‘P’ doesn’t stand for anything. It just came out one day when he was being scolded. Yes, all my pets get scolded by full names, just like your kids, and they do respond to it. 😀 Mayhaps I’ll have a “give the pony a middle name” contest….

Anyway….I encourage you to click on & take a look around. Click on gallery for all the awesome art! If you’re interested, get on the mailing list because things go fast! This is the first one I’ve actually managed to swipe up after losing out on many others that I loved! The ones that look like my pets are always my favorite.

Hope you enjoy. Be sure to spread the word iffin you do. 🙂
Mucho Mahalos & Much Grass.

You rock, Shari!


2 thoughts on “It's Leroy!!!

  1. Her art is original. It’s nice of you to blog about her blog. 😀

    I do look at other people’s blogrolls and liked some I visited. But I admit, if I click and the blog is about something I have no interest in, then I leave right away.

    I’m also in blogger so I just hit next to go to the next blog and see what they’re up to. 😀

    But now I’m a Tweeter and try to make connections.

  2. I found another cool art site from someone elses – just had to share. I’ve loved her stuff for years & never gotten one before. I feel complete 🙂

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