More random KY-ness

What do you call a deer with one eye?

No eye deer.

What do you call a deer with no legs & no eye?

Still no eye deer.

Yes, there’s one more, but my mom reads my blog. *giggles*

So yeah… the bad jokes that I got away with for years… I got away with again over a campfire. Someone started with our no legged friends – Bob & Skip, Ilene & Irene, I threw in a little Kurt & Rod by the window and it was all downhill from there. Pfft… what do you mean you didn’t know that ‘de-caff-einated’ was what you called a cow that just had her baby? I told you… down hill from there….

The campsites were kinda small so we took over an area we later learned was not part of the park. They never bothered to tell us while we had the two tables & canvases covering them so I’m not sure they bothered as we left. No harm done. Monkey really found the fire ring in that condition when we got there. :X

With the tents taking up the whole small campsite, a small area leveled, framed in & filled with “pea-rock”, the kids played on the road, like any good parents would let their children do. We were seated so we could see cars coming & yelled “CAR” and “GAME ON” in our best Wayne’s World fashion when necessary. While we entertained ourselves with bad jokes & car watching, the kids ran around catching fireflies. *queue Owl City* (mom friendly) And here’s my very own Jay L. Young doing the beginning. Don’t you just wanna squeeze him? 😉

Speaking of Owl – Hubs (the husband formerly known as Mr. Bug) now has his own name: “Mr. Owl”. He is officially one of the gang. I was surprised the day we got back when I logged onto facebook & saw him friends with all my peeps from the trip. (There is a certain 11 year old that is a little smitten and another 9 year old that is rumored to be missing bossing him around. Yes, he very much enjoyed the trip.)

Here’s how the name came about. A present from Stewie:

Yes, you’re grinning, aren’t you? The adults were too. These people have become family and I fully see us driving to all ends of the world for these children and their graduations and weddings. I can’t wait for the day they are old enough and it hits them. Kinda like when I was 25 driving with my friend “Shelf” in Florida. “So how old were you when you realized our dad’s boat’s name?” (It was “The Wannaleia” [wanna-lay-ya] I was around 7 when they got it. We were told it meant “Kihei Shaw” or some such & bought it.) She looked at me as I repeated it slowly and she squealed, “OMG! I never got that.” So.. maybe we have more years than I anticipate. 😉


5 thoughts on “More random KY-ness

  1. aww…I loved that shirt. And your bad jokes! 🙂

    And yes, I can’t imagine this crew not being in my life for the rest of it.

    I love my Runamuckers.

  2. You keep finding more ways to make me sad. That’s my favorite series of jokes and I missed those too!

    What day of the trip are you on? I hope there’s still more. 🙂

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