Once again, it’s raspberry season!


Last year, my hubby discovered the wild black raspberry bushes just along our property line. It goes on for the whole length of the fence & then some. In many places, the bushes are over ten feet deep & the “score” is endless!

The reward is sweet, but it’s no easy task. There are a few obstacles…

1) Currently, I am staring at a dozen embedded small thorns in my hands & even more scratches over my body. There is a God & he has a sense of humor. “You want it? You gotta work for it, princess.” My jeans & sweatshirt don’t do much for protection but with the temperatures we’ve been having, I think a suit of armor would be a little hot. Anyone know how well chainmail breathes?

B) Things that bite! Last year, we didn’t have all the rain we have gotten this year so we didn’t have the mosquitoes. They have more than made up for the break we got last year & they brought friends. Even sprayed up, I am constantly swatting & flailing away. I know there should be bats around to take care of these bastids, but I seriously think the mosquitoes ate them.

iii) Things that don’t bite! Every time I look into my redneck Tupperware (ie: cool whip container), there is a daddy long leg spider in it. Now – these things never bothered me before. Thanks, Monkey for informing me in Kentucky that they are the most venomous spider there is – it just has no way to bite you. I never knew this little tidbit. Thanks, but no thanks for your wisdom. :/ (It also seems that everyone knows this but me…)

There are a dozen more creepy-crawlies that I deal with that make their way into the container. I do my best to set them free but some just make it into the house… and down the disposal as I wash them off. Hopefully, none of them are going for a swim in my famous raspberry vodka, lovingly nicknamed “rocket fuel”. Oh well. It’s just a little protein, eh?

It’s been too hot to make any of the wonderful recipes I got on my forum last year. Mostly, we just ate them straight with cool whip or made shakes anyway. This year, they go straight to cookie sheets & in the freezer. Wanna share your favorite raspberry indulgence with me? I got a few lbs of frozen black-somewhat-bug-free-beauties to gobble up in the near future.


11 thoughts on “Raspberries!!!!!!!

  1. One of my favorite local breweries is making their annual limited edition summer beer. Last year it was a cherry wheat. This year…A Raspberry Belgium. It is soooo good.

  2. I stand by my sentiment that Daddy Long Legger’s’es would mess you up if they could bite. Think about it. Loooooooonnng legs. šŸ˜‰

  3. That’s one thing I miss….no Black Raspberries up here. :o(

    The only ones I’d ever seen were at Kurt’s, but after he re-did the grove, they’re gone. Can I come get some babies sometime? Hopefully they’ll grow up here.

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