He's only "mostly dead".

Yes… I can fit in a Princess Bride quote almost anywhere, can’t I? 😉

As I mentioned in a blog post a while back, I have been ordering books that my friends on my writing forum have out. I always get a mix of genres that I wouldn’t have read otherwise and I have never been disappointed. I have been horrible about writing reviews or sharing the books here so I’m going to try to break that and try to catch up on some “pimping” for them. Maybe I should make Mondays “Pimp a friend’s book day”.

For starters – I’m going to tell you about the last book I read.

Reaper's Tale

I got to know Adam on my writing forum. We didn’t post a lot in the same places but we usually had a hi rep for each other here & there. Mostly I got attached to him since we shared a few common friends on facebook and bantered there together. I finally friended him and said, “We might as well make this official.” It was either that or, “We have to stop meeting like this.”  Either way, he’s a total hoot so when his book came out – I ran for it the day of release. I didn’t have to run far since it was an e-book.

I don’t have an e-reader and I don’t see myself getting one anytime soon.  I don’t like even editing my books on my computer – I like a real book in my hands. My daughter has shown interest in having one so maybe I can test drive hers someday & see but I still think I’ll stick to books.  **

So…because I had to have this book and it wasn’t going to be printed, I downloaded it then printed it out. I didn’t even try to get fancy – I just put it on 8 1/2 x 11 paper & took it to work & put comb binding on it. Before I bound it though – I asked Adam for his signature. I like my AW books autographed & this was not going to be an exception.  I don’t know how to convert US Dollars to UK currency so I just shoved in $2 American in lieu of an SASE & hoped that was gonna cover it. I’m sure by now if he didn’t think I was insane before, this made it clear. He was awesome about the whole thing & sent me back his siggy on a piece of paper for me to bind in with my book! He said I was his first autograph request & I am very honored!

Okay… I guess this is why I don’t do these. I’ve rambled to make you love Adam & we haven’t even talked about Mal. Who’s Mal you ask? The latest MC that my heart belongs to.

I have a horrible thing for falling in love with all the male leads in the books I write. This is shameful when they are eighteen year old princes in my daughter’s books but I just can’t help it. When they got it – hey – they got it. It’s happens on occasion when I read some books too – but not as often. I have to admit that Mal is my first dead guy though. Yup. Mal is a grim reaper & I love him. He’s the kind of person you want to sit in a bar and have a drink with. He’ll have you in stitches laughing & if he gets them, it’s ok. He heals. tee hee. Partying with the undead – imagine the possibilities. 😀 I don’t know how Adam captured this personality but Mal is absolutely awesome. I have a tenancy to give too much away so instead, I’m going to link to the book site & you can read it there. All I can say is I give it a thumbs up and if you’re looking for something wonderfully written that will be unlike anything you’ve read & give you more than it’s share of random laughs, BUY. THE. BOOK. That is all.

Buy link for A Reaper’s Tale

Amazon Linky too

Again it is something I probably wouldn’t have normally picked up or even seen a link for had I not known the author. I am grateful for the diversity my group of friends gives me for reading material. Can’t wait to see what’s next, Adam. You rock! I can haz more Mal now?

**I reserve the right to someday blog about how much I like my e-reader. Just sayin’. I’m a woman. We change our minds & stuff. 😉


7 thoughts on “He's only "mostly dead".

  1. Does this mean that I now have to compete against a dead guy? That normally would sound like an easy thing to do, except I know you and think my work is cut out for me!

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