Fan Mail?

*gets weak in the knees*

I have an amazing friend working on turning my blog into a website. You can see him on the side bar under the “My Web Genius” tab. He is very quick at responding to e-mails but when I really need him fast, I do this.

I have been getting questions here and there from him about info for it. This morning’s question threw me for a loop though.

“Do you have a PO Box for fan mail? You don’t want me to use your home address, do you?”

The thought hadn’t really occurred to me…. fans??? Eep!!! Srsly??? Breathe, Bug.  Yes, someone may actually like your book. *starts to shake*

I figured maybe a few friends would do as I do & send multiple facebook posts & e-mails about liking it *crosses fingers that they like it* but never took the thoughts any further.  Strangers will be reading my book… *breathes slowly*  I am thinking having “fans” may be a stretch – let alone getting mail…

I do plan on having bookmarks and bookplates & may end up having promos or such, so I guess I do need a return address and need to treat this like the business that it is.

I am now the proud owner of a P.O. Box.

Somebody hold me…..

2 weeks to e-release. My mother just bought a Kindle. I told her she had to let me make a PG13 version and send it to her. I’m taking bets to see if she listens. 😉


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