Jay L. Young

As promised – I’m going to try to make Monday “pimp my friends book” day & will continue with the 1st AWer book I ever read. Jay L. Young’s Heroes of Old.


This “pimping” is long overdue. It has been about 2 years since I’ve read this series – I’m also overdue to read them again.

Jay is a mod on my writers forum. He was just one of the people I always gravitated to. Along with a handful of others, I was always left in stitches at his banter. I saw a book in his signature there and asked about them. “They are best described as the X-Men meet the new testament,” was his reply and had me hooked with that line alone.

There are 4 books in the series & I highly recommend you give them a shot. Of course I fell in love with his main character Noah, who goes by No. He had me cracking up constantly throughout the series. Jay’s imagination for the powers he gave the characters is in a word, amazing. He couldn’t get them written fast enough for me. My name was given to a character and it is rumored that I saved a certain someone’s life… A character wasn’t supposed to make it but apparently enough whining & death threats & you get your way.

I’ve gotten to meet with Jay & his lovely wife and hope to do it again soon. Even better would be if I got to meet their kids & get to expand my auntybugness even further!

I’ve written about him Jay a few times here. Yes, the amazing writer is the one & the same amazing musician with the Fireflies linky that I posted a few posts ago. He also wrote the most amazing song for me. It’s a story close to my own. Ka’imi is it’s name. Give it a download if you want to hear it. It’ll be the best .99 you ever spend.

Jay – LYB. Keep it up. I’m still waiting for more No, looser. <—AW trademark on that spelling. 😉

Hmm…. maybe Monday should just be “pimp your friend” day….


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