Website & fan page & new WIP, oh my!

Ok… so I know I do that a lot. I’m 50/50 for Princess Bride quotes to Wizard of Oz rip offs for my titles. My bad.

My new website is coming along great! Yes, web genius is amazing. It will be the same address, but the main page will look more like a regular website and there will be a tab to my blog. I’m purposely trying not to blog because I don’t know how hard it will be to switch the last things over. The bulk of it was done a few days ago & I don’t want to make an added headache for him. I sent him a little bonus via a Amazon gift card to get a couple of the books he asked about as he transferred the links of my friends. Big Mammoth Mistake. (If you read my KY posts – you’ll get that 😉 ) He liked the books so much – he spend two days straight reading them. Yup – no web worky. tee hee.. Worth it though. I am my friends’ best pimp!

He also created me a fan page at facebook – which still seems funny to me. It’s fun watching the number climb by the hour – you people rock!

I got my first review today & I feel pretty good about it. It was a woman a few stores down from me. We’ve talked about the whole publishing process quite a bit & she’s excited to help spread the word for me. She’s in a book club – every bit helps! I had to print out my book for hubby so I gave it to her so I could get an outside opinion. I didn’t want her to promote what she hadn’t read. I’m thrilled by her praise!

With all that is going on, I still managed to start a new WIP (work in progress) yesterday. It was long overdue for me. As usual – I’m going at it like crazy right out of the gate. I may not be around for a few days… wish me well!

8 more days….


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