It's Ray the day pimp.

I mean…. it’s pimp Ray day 🙂

I think The Pacific Between was the 2nd AWer book I bought.


Ray used to be a mod on my writing forum. He was an active participant and could be found on several threads. He always had great advice on writing, movies, or whatever. I was never hesitant to send him a message or a rep asking for help or an opinion. It was pretty clear from the start that we were opposite ends of the spectrum – especially when it came to movies. I teased him almost immediately, “We so totally don’t get along. If I wasn’t married I’d say we should date! “LOL!

I’ve gotten to meet Ray on a couple of occasions & he’s a ton of fun. (As well as being voted one of Pittsburgh’s 25 most beautiful people.) I got him to sign my book in MD when I was there with a great group of AWers & we hooked up again in Chicago. He was a little outnumbered but I don’t think he minded too much. We teased that we picked a nice downtown dive bar since they are harder to get thrown out of but Ray is too much of a good boy & kept all us wimminz in line. 😉

chi pic

“Betrayal makes us do strange things.” Is the opening line of his book & pretty much keeps your attention from there. I loved his character Greg and his description of Hong Kong really makes you get a feel for the setting. I’ll say again, I suck at reviews. All I can say how much I enjoyed it & you will not be let down if you pick it up. I read the reviews on the amazon page trying to warm myself back into the story since it has been a while since I read it. I love how people there shared the love for the story like I did & for different reasons. For me, I connected with Greg at one point especially. He’s home and pulls a silly stunt – reminding me how I behave when I’m home on Maui. Go here for better descriptions then buy the derned book! (While you’re there, ask Ray for a “six-pack” to go. Yeah, he’s been workin’ out too.) *runs*


5 thoughts on “It's Ray the day pimp.

  1. Ray is fun to stalk…erm, follow, isn’t he? And I loved the book too. Gave it to my mom and she loved it who in turn gave it to my grandmother and *she* loved it.

  2. Had to have been a tough job for Ray keeping you wimminz in line. You look like a troublesome bunch!!

    Come to California already, stalker bug! 😀

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