I love finding lost items!

Anyone remember the original Twilight Zone series with Rod Sterling? There are a few that stand out in my head still to this day and a few in particular that I remember catching with my mom. I think we were on vacation in California when I was 12 for one of them. Don’t know why I remember details like that…. In this particular one, there was a little girl that rolled under her bed and ended up in another dimension. I remembered they could hear her through the walls and through the TV – it was actually creepy. This one sticks out in my mind because years later, my mom & I were running around the house because we could hear my son calling us, who was around 3 at the time, but we couldn’t find him anywhere. For a brief second, we exchanged glances but didn’t say it.  We found him after about 10 minutes….in the dryer. Little booger! It was only afterward that we both admitted our minds going to the show & laughed about it.

Another episode that really stands out for me is one about a man caught between time. There were blue men, (no, not these blue men – but close) that ignored him as they took to their tasks. Building something, taking hammers to  cars that looked like they were in an accident, and so on. He finally finds a guy that explains to him that these are the men that build every second of time. “They are not perfect, you see. Did you ever swear you left your keys somewhere but they weren’t there? You looked everywhere and when you checked where you were sure you looked before, they were there? That’s them. They make mistakes sometimes.” I absolutely loved that & have often blamed “the blue men” for things.

Well, the bastids were in rare form the past 3 weeks! I have been missing 3 of my favorite bracelets since I got back from Bemidji. I was actually missing all of them but I found my gold ones in my purse, (you know we had this purse conversation already….) but oddly, I wasn’t happy with just finding those. You’d think gold bracelets would be worth a squee or a w00t…but it was my fun ones that I really wanted. (You already knew I was backwards.)

In Hawaii, the bracelet to have is Hawaiian Heirloom. A style that I always wanted and finally got looked like this:
I gave it to my Sister in Law a few years ago because I never wear my bracelets much in MN anymore & it seemed like a waste of a good tax return. Mostly I wear the ones with my kid’s names. The one with my son’s name is too tough to get off of my arm so it’s on 24/7. I have gotten skilled with being able to contort myself to take it off when I travel because I got sick of setting off the alarm at the airport since it is 10K & not 14. Getting felt up by security guards is not my ideal start of a vacation. (Since they won’t even let me pick who I want to do it!)Yes, you can bend your thumbs in ways you never imagined.

So, what beats out gold? Here you go.

This one was from my son. I sent an e-mail. “Buy me this.” And he did. Who’s a good boy? It’s typewriter keys from the 40’s – I may have posted this before. It really is my favorite piece of jewelry & I get a lot of “writerly” comments over it.

key bracelet

I made this one with my friends loons in Kentucky. We all have one & the trip was a fun memory for me. Even the kids made them, sans alcohol beads of course.
KY bracelet
The Italian link bracelet  with this link: stooge charm is one my “Stooges” & I all have.  It’s very fond memories for me of my last few years in Bemidji. These things may not cost much but they mean something to me. Yup, I’m kinda easy to please.

While we’re on the subject, here’s another little “cost nothing but mean something”  item. As I was tearing my room apart searching for these things – I came across this:


My engagement ring. Good thing my daughter wasn’t drinking anything when I showed it to her. The ring made its way into Jay’s song and into the next book I hope to be published. Yes, I said ‘yes’ to it but then I got my diamond, which was cleverly hidden underneath. Hubs is still kicking himself for having a back-up plan. 😉

So… where were the bracelets you ask? In the drawer where I put fun bracelets. What a stupid place to be! I know I looked there 1st and at least a dozen times since! Damn Blue Men!!!


7 thoughts on “I love finding lost items!

  1. So glad you found them!

    My hubs did something similar. He had a Christmas Tree pin wrapped in a ring box. Then after I opened it, and he saw the flash of disappointment on my face, he brought out the actual ring.. and of course the question. 😉

    I currently keep my jewelry gifts in my mom’s old jewelry box. (Circa 60s) Its very retro and lined in red velvet. 🙂

    Say HI to the blue men for me!

  2. Well at least if the blue men are at your house they’re leaving my stuff alone. I hate it when I find what I’m looking for in a place I know I’ve look 100 times. Drives me nuts (not a far drive I know).

  3. I just lost my wallet. No big deal, as I keep my cash in my pocket, and my ID expired 2 years ago (I don’t get my driver’s license back until Nov. 8, 2014). But still, my butt feels weird without it in my back pocket. I sit level now, and it’s just not right!! 😛

    Glad you found your treasured possessions, and I really like the bracelet with the ’40’s typewriter keys! 🙂

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