Greatest American… kinda slow show…

My daughter has been on a “Super Hero” kick for quite a while. We have watched ALL the movies dozens of times….EACH. She has old cards that were my son’s and she even dreams of superheroes (& even herself as one), which we get to hear about in great detail. I’ve told her to write these things down and she has. Maybe someday we’ll read the adventures of Super Val!

Hubs decided we should try something new, or rather, old. He ordered the pilot episode of “Greatest American Hero” & I was actually kind of excited for it to show up. We both had the theme song in our heads for days. Well, we watched it the other night & she was less than impressed. I have never seen her so “scoochy” during a movie. When it was over, she wanted to hurt us. “What did they do? Hold up a little doll to the screen & go like this?” she said as she shook her hand. “You guys so owe me something big now.” LOL! I guess old shows are out.

Hubs was at a meeting Thurs night and we were scanning through the “watch instantly” on Netflix and she saw Jaws. “I want to see that! You said no but you owe me a movie.” (Like the bartering skills she’s gotten?)

“No you don’t,” I said. “Your aunt wouldn’t go swimming after that. I don’t want you to watch it.”

“I’m the only person I know that hasn’t seen it.”

I skipped the whole “jumping off a bridge” lecture and decided to put it on. She didn’t hate it but didn’t necessarily like it either. “That’s it?” she said when it was done. “Big deal. It’s not scary at all.” Have I said she’s hard to impress?

I was not a fan & I’m glad she had enough that we didn’t have to watch 2 & 3, however…. I made an awesome discovery (to me anyway). At the end of “House” – where it gives the production company thingy… well… it came from Jaws. Yes, it’s the little things for me. I posted on facebook, my forum & now here. Yes, I’m that thrilled. I live to watch movies, see actors & strain to remember what it was they were in. I also love just seeing familiar faces in old shows and movies. (Like seeing Cliff from “Cheers” in Superman & the Prince from 10th Kingdom in “Double Jeopardy” etc.) This wasn’t an actor, but a discovery nonetheless & was just up there on my “neato” meter. You may carry on now & relax. I’ll be back with more discoveries. Like my new shirt says, I got your back!



4 thoughts on “Greatest American… kinda slow show…

  1. OMG!!!

    Believe it or not I’m walking on air…

    I know all the words, I’ll refrain from typing them all out. Besides that’s enough to get the whole song stuck in your head! ๐Ÿ˜€ I loved “The Greatest American Hero” and used to watch it religiously. I’m sure it’d be super hokey now that I’m all grown up but it WAS the show when I was a kid!!!

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