Similes er… I mean smileys!!!!***

I went to a thread in my forum because of the title. “I hate similes.” My first reaction was jaw I don’t get it! How can you hate these little guys? l&hgroucho
I clicked on the link and saw that, once again, I didn’t take the time to read correctly. SIMILES, Bug – not SMILEYS. I read how one writer hated reading things like “her hair blew in the wind like waves gently rolling in on a warm summer night while her eyes twinkled like the brightest stars above” or whatever it was…. this person wasn’t happy & a few others chimed in about their thoughts. Writing…writing… blah blah blah… it’s been known to happen at the writing forum. Nice read, Bob, but I give it a 5. I went there to gun at someone picking on my dudes. I’m not really a simile fan either. Zebra & I had a great talk about it on a walk the other day. We tend to say things like, “That was as bright as… you know… one of those really bright things.” We’re all about the cheap roll, aren’t we? Now, back to the subject at hand.
Hello. My name is Bug & I have been sober from smileys for…. okay… I haven’t been. I love the little guys.
I have to think a little bit on how my infatuation with this started. I’m kind of shrug. My mind makes me so wall sometimes. Actually, I do remember the 1st cool rep I got (from the hailBattery) and clicked it to find it’s source and found the smiley site. I fell in love with this little guy nanner and he was a part of my signature there for a long time & attracted a lot of attention. I thanked Battery but got my usual response: moon The moon is like holding the Ace. It wins. More is not better in smiley wars. moon2 does not mean “full @ss house” you win.
I know what you’re thinking. She’s crazy You’re right. But wait, there’s more.
desk is always good for a time waster. And never under any circumstances, should this smiley be used. toilet
One of my favorite ‘get my butt in gear’ sayings. Do or do not. There is no try. Love this little guyyoda but this one has more action. star wars
Where’s it fun to stay? At the ymca of course! Lois? Again? Srsy? clark wave for Superman! <3 have a barman. Not tonight? You don’t want to drink? I’ll take this guy sumo then.
I know you wanna hit me. I’ll stop now. Just gimme a hug first. And I’ll leave you with this rose.

***This post is dedicated to Reg. I feel like the dude from Kung Fu. “Grasshoper, time to go.” I have trained her well and she has surpassed the master. My feelings on it? I’m okay with it. Srsy. ban


8 thoughts on “Similes er… I mean smileys!!!!***

  1. This is like reading those beginning books for kids where words are replaced with pictures… only it’s for adults! I think you’re on to something here Bug!

  2. πŸ˜€ I love teh smilies (and the occasional simile, but only if it’s well done….like a ?? steak? hhmm…that didn’t really work. πŸ˜›

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