Fun with Nautical Flags

I’ve gotten a few e-mails and phone calls from people that have heard about all the rain we’re having. As far as our house goes, we’re fine. We are high up on a hill and don’t have a worry about getting flooded out. At the most, the river down the road will overflow and I’ll have to take another route to work. (I know… poor me.) If it gets to that stage – there are several houses that will be effected so I don’t really mean to joke about it.

Although our area isn’t that bad yet, an hour or so (south I think) is pretty bad off. We have friends through the Elk’s Lodge there and I hope they are doing OK.

Being stuck inside & bored out of my skull, I tend to get goofy with my embroidery patterns. I saved the Nautical alphabet long ago, not quite sure what I’d do with it – if anything. With there being no sign of the rain letting up, today seemed to be a good a day as any to fly the flags and signal the Coast Guard for help (or at least make a shirt). Here ’tis:


Nope. It does not say help. 😉


4 thoughts on “Fun with Nautical Flags

  1. If the rain stops and you begin to miss it, you are welcome to visit at any time! We wash our cars in the rain. 😉 Ill be sending dry thoughts to those in the flood zones. Enjoy your embroidery!! Still loving the hat you made!!

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