1st Book Signing :)

On Friday I drove to Bemidji for my 1st book signing! Bemidji is where we lived for 10 years and ran our Cyber Cafe (Cyber Bugs) & our drive through (The Coffee Hut as it was nicknamed.) We had a wonderful following of friends that we made through those businesses and I have a tight knit of “mom friends” through a “Mom’s Club” that I was in. It was a no-brainer that I wanted to return there 1st!

I got to town early so I could make my rounds downtown and visit all the neighbors to our coffee shop & say hello. I had some nice visits. Some heard about my signing on the radio or saw it in the paper. I stopped to see our neighbors by our old house after that. We had a great visit & they were officially my 1st sale! Kinda cool.

I got in a little bit of shopping then hooked up with my “Stooges” just before the signing. I knew better than to have a drink before it. They said, “I think you should to calm your nerves.” It was that obvious that I was shaking in my boots, but I still declined. (I know me!)

I got to the art gallery an hour early and already missed 2 people. I guess they were on their way home & hoping to catch me. One left her name so I left her books but I will have to wait & find out who the other one was. (I left more books if you’re reading this!)

DeeJay set me up like a Queen! I loved the pen. Those theater dudes really know how to work the presentation!
Here’s my DeeJay, my PJ (Curley Stooge), and my…er…their mom 🙂
Deej & Peej

My biggest fear was thinking of something to write in people’s books. It wasn’t as bad as I thought. Things do just come to you. Especially when you get requests like “Make it out to Stinky-Do” & then get a whole little show about the nickname! I think I’ll have to take the above crew with me to each signing!!

The turn out was perfect. They were all some of my Mom’s Club friends & a set of parents of good friends on mine. It was awesome that they showed up! (A fight tears you’re so touched kinda thing, yanno?) I had great one-on-one visits then someone else would trickle in & they’d say “Better go & let you visit with the next person”. The time flew. I signed just shy of 30 books.

I forgot to take pics through most of the night but I did remember to get a few towards the end. Here’s a DJ friend of ours from the coffee shop. I called him on Thurs & gave him the lowdown & hoped to get some radio mention. As I stated above, he did! Meet “Doctor Dave” or “Eleanor Makowitz”… depending what he wanted to put on his coffee card at the time!
And another Mom’s club buddy. Fellow butterscotch krimpet loving Pennsylvaniaite, Cindy & her kids. I don’t recall giving my permission for them to grow so much while I was away…
Thanks everyone for the awesome time!


13 thoughts on “1st Book Signing :)

  1. Glad to hear it went well, June. 🙂

    You hear so many horror stories about peeps’ first signings that it’s great to read about a good ‘un. 🙂


  2. Awesome. You’re virgin no more. Welcome to the club and enjoy while it lasts 🙂 [Book signings can become tedious at times, especially at a book store where no one visits!]

  3. We are so honored that you chose to be with us for your first book signing! We are so very proud of you. We can hardly wait for the next one! Come back and see us soon!

    Love you!

  4. That is so cool, June! I didn’t know you owned a Cyper Cafe, but that’s awesome too. 🙂 I’ve always thought book signings would be a blast. I’ve heard how some writers hate them, but I think they’d be fun. I think readings would be scarier because I hate my voice, and I hate speaking in public. Enough rambling…congrats! Oh, and I’ve got your book! I’ll be reading it soon!

    • We sold the coffee shops when we moved about 5 years ago, April. The signing was spooky at 1st. I just signed about a dozen to mail off. Went a little better. Maybe ’cause the people weren’t standing there!

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