There's no place like home

*clicks rubba slippa together*

Besides the food… there’s also the wildlife. Do you see him?
Mo'o 1

How about now?

No. He’s not here to sell you car insurance so don’t click away from the blog! He’s just one of the few little things that make the rock home or make the home rock. The little Gecko, or Mo’o as we call them, are as much a part of home as anything else. You get used to the little clicking noises they make & cheer them on when you see them going for a bug. I wasn’t so thrilled to hear that the cat that adopted my dad likes to hunt them.

Yes. I said that correctly. Remember the cool cat that my son has? The Bengal? The one he insists in a tiger not a cat? Well… my dad’s neighbor has two of them. A gold one & a silver one. The cats are territorial so one decided my dad would be it’s human. She was hollering outside one night, wanting my dad to see her offering. I was less than thrilled to go to the door to see her prize. I was not allowed to say “bad kitty” since they *gulp* encourage this behavior. I may love the clicking, but I guess cleaning up gecko poop from the cabinets just isn’t as fun as hearing the clicking when you’re falling asleep. The cat is the new child & I have to tell it “you’re welcome” when I let her in & she meows a “thank you”.

So anyway… After “the hunt”, I let Silver into my side of the house. The Ohana unit. It’s a one bedroom connected to my parent’s house that is reserved for me & my brothers & other family when they go to visit. (Nice ‘eh?) I showed her what happens to bad “Tigers” that kill things they aren’t supposed to.

Silver meet Rug

She wasn’t impressed. I got a tail in the air & I’m pretty sure she went off to get a centipede to one-up her previous offering. *shudders*

FYI – the rug came from my friend’s sister-in-law. I knew my daughter would love it. I had lots of room in my suitcase since I packed by weight for the books. Some still came home, but there was plenty of room for it & my Sears spree with my mommy. Anytime you need to spend a gift card, mom, you know I’m your gal!


5 thoughts on “There's no place like home

  1. On our last trip, we had a Gecko sharing some shaved ice with us. Now I know how they get so colorful! There was also one in our condo that liked to ‘chirp’ in the middle of the night. We didn’t think he was so cute after that.

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