Whale Time!!!

My one goal (other than to eat local food until I exploded) was to hang out in the water and listen to the whales. From what I got to see, they were thicker than I had ever remembered. The day of my signing happened to be Whale Day at Kalama Park – just down the street from my parent’s house.

I took this picture on Friday at Kamaole I, on one of my many “walk abouts”.
Sand Sculpture
A friend said it looked better full size than on her phone. Yes, I thought it was that too till I got closer. 🙂

We didn’t too much whale watching from the park but we had to take the “turon” (part tourist – part moron) picture by the sculpture. Yes, that’s soda in the bag. Why do you ask? 😛
Whale Days

One of my favorite bands of all time happened to be playing there. They also played my favorite song of all time! Got a great recording of it. Too bad hubby turned the sound off on the camera & I didn’t notice :/
Hopefully Kai got a good recording on his camera (& hopefully you can’t hear me singing in it!)
Here’s another version I found on youtube. Cecilio and Kapono – About You. I put it in one of my favorite books and have sent it to a friend or two here & there as a reminder that I loved them and was thinking of them. It was too perfect that we caught C&K and I caught that song. Definitely one of my favorite memories of this trip!

From there we went to what used to be our old hangout. Right across from Kamaole II used to be a great .99 margarita bar. Now they cost you $8. and I can’t say they are much better. These whales were right off the beach. If we weren’t dressed to go out – I would have hopped in with them.
Kam II

My last day there, I went out with my brother on a mutual friend’s boat. We were not at a loss for seeing them. I just wasn’t quick enough with the camera! This isn’t zoomed. They were that close to the boat.
Whale - boat

This guy was mad about something. He smacked his tail for about 5 minutes straight.

I’ve got some more but they are pretty much just black blobs. The boat did stop for a bit & we took a dive in the water and just floated & listened to them. It’s amazing. I highly recommend if you go to Maui, make it during whale season.


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