Geek much?

Hope everyone had a great Easter! We had an invasion at our house this weekend & it was a blast! We had been trying to get together with our friends from Superior for a few months now & something always came up and we couldn’t swing it. We both have said before how we had this weekend available, but couldn’t. “It’s Easter”. After a few more weeks of texts we finally decided. Yes we can. “It’s Easter.” You spend certain holidays with family & guess what? Certain friends ARE family.

The weather could not have been worse when they arrived Thurs night, all day Fri & Sat, but it was beautiful on Sunday. Perfect timing to hide 51 eggs in the yard. I mean 71. I mean… okay… I totally miscounted the plastic eggs and had no idea how many there were. My friend’s son & I went out 3 times after the hunt was long over and came back with at least one each time. The funniest part about it was – the last one he found was the absolute last one to be found 2 years ago when we had our nieces & nephews over. I even lined them all up in front of it and took a picture to photoshop an arrow pointing to it. Wish I did that this year.

So… “what’s with the blog title” you ask? All weekend my house looked like a Radio Shack blew up. How many gadgets do 4 adults, 2 teens & a nine year old need? This is missing 2 itouches.

We’re not even doing a candy picture after 64? 71? eggs. 😉


13 thoughts on “Geek much?

  1. In my bag this weekend at my mom’s my SIL made fun of me. I had a Laptop, Jack’s DS, Kyle’s GameBoy, 2 cell phones, my iPod, and my Kindle. That doesn’t include Mr. Stew or Kyle’s phones. It was ridiculous. And that was what we took for just one over night! :p

    Glad you had a happy Easter and got to see your peeps. Geek! 😀

    • Eep!! I didn’t even put the DS games in the pic! Glad us freaks & our toys stick together. Can’t imagine what the house will look like when you show up!! LOL!

  2. After we left I found Josh’s itouch in my purse and his psp was still in his bag. So all that stuff didn’t even count the 9 yr olds electronics 🙂
    It was a fabulous weekend and I’m still recovering 🙂

    • Tom got his yesterday too. He gave it to Val & took her old one. And yes… we are still recovering too. If it wasn’t raining again – I’d look for more eggs!

  3. Good to hear you had a nice Easter weekend. Coming from someone who used to work in technology, that’s a lot of technology. Now I’m a gal just happy with her regular phone and laptop.

  4. Ha! That’s awesome! We get a little overloaded in our house with 3 Kindles, 5 laptops and 3 cell phones. O.o

    I also spent Easter with a friend, even though it was Easter. It was the only weekend that worked for us, too, and I got the best turkey I’ve ever had outta the deal.

    Now about those missing eggs…

  5. *rolls around on the gadgets*

    Our house has two monitors, three laptops, one desktop computer, one IPod touch, two ‘smart phones’, a Kindle, an IPad, an older X-Box and the new Playstation game thingy that plays bluray discs.

    Mr. Turkey is a gadget junky and has been dealing this crack to me for years. *tweek*

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