Writer friends *sigh*

Sure…. having a lot of fun-loving, hilarious writer friends can have a bonus or two. When you are having a “blah” day, there is almost certainly at least one of them that will say something totally random and make you fall out of your chair laughing. Of course the downfall to that is having a mouth full of something when you read that incredibly funny facebook post & viola! New computer screen anyone?

Writers are usually at their computer, too, so you are never lonely or bored. Can’t find just the right word or phrase or need someone to help you fix your query? Bam! They are there for you. Need a kick in the butt? Want to hear someone is else is going through what you are? Need to be told “Never give up!”? Need to “word war” with someone to keep you going?… They are there!

But you know something else?? Having writer friends can suck, too! “How could this be?” you ask. Well…. just look below:


Yup. The TBR (to be read) pile is a little hard to photograph when you have gone all “Nookie”… but it was worth it for my rant. These what I am currently sitting on. How the heck am I supposed to chose from this list??? Knock it off people!!!

Tee hee…. On a serious note, I love that I am never at a loss for good reading material. The only tough decision is what to read next! Of all the e-mails I get from Barnes & Noble suggesting the next “Great Read” or “Top 10 New York Best Sellers”, I just hit “delete”. Aside from John Sandford or William Kent Krueger, I have not read anything not AW or Champagne in over two years. A few friends said “The Hunger Games” were incredible, but I feel like I would be cheating on my friends if I read them. I’ll get to them eventually… for now… what to bloody pick for this week?!?

Currently reading:

Alien Tango
I’ve pimped her before & I’ll pimp her again. Great job Gini! I love Kitty Katt & her “badasseryness”. Yes, that’s a word. Shut up. Can’t wait for 3 & 4. Oh lookie – #3 is downloaded!!

One more reminder – Champagne is having a sale. 50% off all ebooks with coupon code vicday50 . Sale goes to May 24. Get over there and grab some great reads for yourself! http://champagnebooks.com/


17 thoughts on “Writer friends *sigh*

    • I love when I find someone at Champagne & AW!! I usually only get a few chapters in at night. I really wish I could fit in more time, too!

  1. Tell me about it! 😉 I have Wayne’s and Diane’s on my TBR list, and then there is my own WIP yelling at me for only editing for three days last week. Doh!

    I’ll need to grab a Gini Koch book and add it to my reader too.

  2. I had a TBR pile until I downloaded a free e-reader. Now I have two and you’ve added a few to that.

    I agree. Sometimes having writer friends sucks

    I wouldn’t trade ’em for anything in the world 🙂

  3. WOW! You do have a lot of published writerly friends. It’s nice that you read their books and pimp them.

    I hope things are going great with your book! Keep it going, girl.

    • Admittedly I know a few only by name at Champagne. I’m not there nearly as much as I should be. Maybe I’ll have to “Pimp ’em” & get to know them better! In any case, they are “family” & we gotta support each other. 🙂 I have never been let down yet.

    • Eep!! Should have thought of that. Leave it to you to make more work for me! 😛 You can go to B&N & Amazon for most of them. If it’s not there – you can go to Champagne. PITA 😉

      I’ll be sure to link the pimp posts.

  4. I think it would be easier to get through my friends’ books if I had an e-reader of my own…at the moment, most of mine are paper copies that are sitting on my shelves. Just have to wait for the wife to tire of her Nook Color…biding my time. 😛

    • Good luck with her getting tired of it. I just installed updates! 😀

      I used to want paper ones so I could have them signed, but I really love my e-reader. I’ll have to get an old fashioned autograph book 🙂

  5. That’s an impressive TBR pile! I’m happy I have almost an entire shelf full of friends’ books, but you’ve got me beat by a long shot.

    Now go read Hunger Games.

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