Dustin's Turn


I know most of my followersย  are on facebook so it kind of seems redundant to post this here, but I’m not ready for a new “Pimp Monday” post so I might as well pimp me again. Okay… so now I realize it’s Tuesday… so what. Go me! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Last week I signed a contract for the sequel to Dustin Time ~ Dustin’s Turn ~ with Champagne Books. It was a no-brainer to go with them for the sequel. I’m sad that my editor is no longer there, but I know I’ll get someone equally awesome. I would love to be able to get the same models for the cover but if not – I know it will be great anyway! Champagne has some wonderful artists for their covers and I’ve always loved when someone shares their new release on the group page there.

The wording on the contract kind of made me laugh. We know how this “career” works. You wait to get kicked over & over & keep picking yourself back up. You expect that a lot of people simply aren’t going to reply to you. ie: certain agents that are too busy to push the “send stock rejection” letter button, etc. We usually send a query & expect a rejection & are pleasantly surprised if we get a partial or full request. With Champagne, since I’m already published there, I don’t have to query – I get to send a full (with the dreaded synopsis though – we don’t get all the breaks ๐Ÿ˜‰ ). Even though it didn’t occur to me to send it anywhere else, I didn’t realize I HAD to send it to them since it was a sequel. I guess I read this contract a little better than the last one. It’s still just as exciting the 2nd time around but I do feel a little more knowledgeable this time. The funny part? The contract reads along the lines of “We have 1st rejection rights on a sequel”. Serious business I know, but I had to laugh. “We get to tell you no before anyone else” is how it read to me. LOL!

I’m excited to deal with everyone again. The ten months about killed me last time – now it’s well over a year. That’s just the way the publishing ball rolls. Lots of talented people ahead of me & I can’t wait to add their books to my TBR pile! It also gives me a chance to book some more signings & push #1 and make more fans waiting & bug me for #2!
Rubber tree

I don’t want to give too much away but knowing me, I will have to torture you here and there. As you can guess from the title – it is Dusty that does the time traveling this time instead of Kaitlyn. I had no intentions of writing a sequel, but I had two friends that had a theory about Frank & “frankly” it’s their fault! Thanks, Haggis & Adam, for figuring it out for me! Don’t tell, mkay?

The official release is September 2012. I’ll be posting updates as I get them. I’m sure my publisher will need to tweak my log line & back cover blurb as before. She rocks at it. It was also difficult to pick a 1/2 page teaser. I think my previous blog post had something to do with me picking a part that ended in “What’s your pickle?” (See…. now it’s your fault too, Turkey!) So, I won’t post those until I get the final word from her.

I can haz happy dance now?
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