Book Giveaway!

After a great lunch with my writing buddies, Gini Koch came over to our hotel room for more chit chat. It was great gabbing with someone that is really “working the circuit” and could give me pointers. Her series is published with DAW. It was great getting the perspective of someone with one of the bigger publishing houses.

She was a great sport and posed for a picture with Colonel Lee. (Yes, he was Private Lee, but he got a field promotion at the State convention by the Grand Pubah.)

Gini & Lee

(This was the project I told you about that my husband did. Yes, he came to Arizona with us on the drive – more on that later!)

As we talked promotion, I realized it’s been a while since I did a give away. I had a few on various sites when I was only out in “E” but I don’t recall ever doing a print copy give away, so here goes!

Dustin Time

I don’t want to make you jump through any hoops – just comment here or on my facebook fan page & I’ll get you signed up. Holler if you re-tweet or re-post & I’ll get you in for another chance. Of course if you still prefer, I’ll hook you up with a Nook, Kindle, or .pdf. Of course the book will be signed & you’ll get a couple or a couple dozen of these:
Just let me know what you want when you win! Be sure to leave a contact e-mail addy. (Put [at] & [dot] to ward away to spam bots!)

1,2,3 Go!


17 thoughts on “Book Giveaway!

  1. Ok – big ups to Gini for posing with…. the thing… and uh…. that thing is so disturbing!! Please tell me you have it facing the corner when you go to sleep at night! Or … or… wait, that just makes me think of the Blair Witch Project…. Ok. I’m not gonna sleep tonight. I hope you’re happy.

    I hope you’re happy, Bug.

    • I told them about it at lunch. When she walked in she went “Um, yeah. I see what you mean. He is creepy!” My daughter had to rip his face off for the trip. She’d rather see duct tape. Could you see us in a restaurant & someone calling the cops ’cause we locked gramps in the car with the windows up & 110 degrees? LOL!

  2. Hey,June ! I missed your last signing in Bemidji, would have been good to see u . Would love to read your book ! Maybe I’ll get lucky and win !

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