Baby Got Books?

You know you need an e-reader when….


Tee hee… Nope. Not my house. Just a cool picture I found last week. I’ve been waiting to use it somewhere. Books seemed to be the theme of the day (When is it not when I hang out with writers???) so I stole the chance since, today more than most, it’s a theme kinda day.

On facebook this morning, this was posted in one of my groups. “Oh my God, Becky. Look at her book…”
Baby got book

Yeah… writer humor… whatdaya do with us?

But wait – there’s more. I’ve saved the best for last! No, not more humor. We can be serious about stuff too. Srsly. Stop laughing… When we’re not goofing off – we can get productive & some of us are really good at it!!
A friend just started a new business & I’m sure to be putting her through her paces. I’m excited that someone is mixing both their love of something and being able to make a living at it! Writers check out this website (picture in a linky):

Ink Slingers

Pretty much everything you’d need to get rolling with your completed manuscript!! I can personally vouch for her awesomeness in her writing, her art and her all around ‘so much dang fun to be around’ kinda gal!! Check it out.

Do you have Baby Got Back in your head now? My job here is done. πŸ™‚


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