Pimp Monday ~ Shadow Fox ~ Ashley Barnard

My apologies again. In my lack of blogging as of late (expect for my great news posts!)… I have been neglecting many great reads. This one in particular I was anxious to get on & pimp right away, but then I decided to wait because I wanted to dive straight into #2….then I decided I had a lot of books I needed to get at & I should wait since  there is a #3 coming and I wanted to wait until it was closer… “So”, I says to myself, “Give it a few, Bug.” So I am. Now I decided I wanted to give you a shout out while it was still somewhat fresh in my head (and should stop typing decided!).

Having something fresh in my head is a feat these day, so here goes!

Shadow Fox
The cover alone makes you want to read it? Si? I love Champagne covers!! Makes it very hard to decide on what to buy when I go in there!

First of all, I should tell you that last year Shadow Fox was Champagne’s book of the year. It is easy to see why. Once again, it was so different from anything I have read & I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Jared Bruin was abandoned at seven and has no memories of his life prior to that. Even as you read him battling through a heroin addiction, you fall in love with this character. He is a master of swordplay and sixteenth-century combat and hired by a woman to train her. You quickly discover she has secrets of her own. It is an amazing read while you wait for the secrets to unravel and watch as they unfold. You know there has to be a tie between them & you have to keep going to find out!

A journal is discovered and a lot about Jared’s past is revealed, but waiting to see how it ties to his trainee is almost nail biting.

You know how bad I am. That’s all you’re getting. You want more, see linkys below!

This is definitely a read for fantasy buffs. I look forward to reading number two shortly.

You can buy it at Champagne here or Amazon or B&N.

Aaaaaand this should show you how distracted I am. Here’s the cover for book 2:
Fox Rising

And here it is for Book 3:
Night of the Fox

I just peeked at Ashley’s website to get a release date for #3 – that’s 9/5/11!! Guess I’d better get busy after all!!!


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