Hunter's Find

Yesterday I signed contracts for another novel. Hunter’s Find. This is with the same company that has Double Mocha, Heavy on Your Phone Number (which is scheduled for release on Dec 9th). Musa Publishing.


Neither novels will be classified as romance. Double Mocha is in their Terpsichore-Contemporary line where Hunter’s Find will be in their Melpomene-Mystery/Suspense line. For more on Musa’s categories & info on the company, pop over to their website. Musa Publishing or check them out on facebook. Their official launch is October 1st. Be sure to pop in and check them out. There will be a lot going on that day – like one of our favorite things – free books!

When I found out who the people behind this company were, I wanted to give them a shot. There were a lot of names I knew from my forum and people I expected great things from. A lot of writing experience, editing experience and yes, even a lawyer I like. 😉 They took in a lot of “refugees” from a company that had simply died off and left a lot of writer friends “dead in the water” with some great books. I was thrilled to see this one there:
Heart's Secret
I had the honor of Beta-ing for this friend & really enjoyed the story. Glad to see it has a new home.

With Musa and my other fabulous Publishers (which I’ll blog on later!), I can finally say I’m done with “query hell” and never happier.

As usual, I’ll keep you posted with cover art, blurbs, teaser & publishing dates. I’m trying to update my website as things happens to keep things user friendly so try not to trip on the furniture as I rearrange. 😀


8 thoughts on “Hunter's Find

  1. WHOA! You are on a roll! Congratulations on the book. I’ll have to check out that site. I LOVE FREE BOOKS.

    I’m happy for you, AB and I’m sure you’re enjoying every moment of it. 😀

    • I’m horrible anymore, Bird. No worries. Something happened with my reader. If I don’t see them on FB – I never get to blogs anymore 😦
      And thanks 🙂

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