Pimp Monday – Taking Lessons From Ernest – Trish Stewart


This book was just released on Friday but I get to do the pimping on it right away because I got to beta for it! I really enjoyed this book (and not just ‘cause one of my best buds wrote it).

This was a very unique story. You have to feel for Eric right from the get-go. His life is a mess and you have to agree it’s not really his fault. He seems to get dumped on and you want to cheer him along every step of the way.

After his father’s death, he is sent on a quest. He takes his best friend Tim along, who you will also love. I can’t tell you how many times I was laughing out loud at these two. Eric also gets an unexpected visitor – the ghost of Ernest Hemingway. I have to say, it was done in a really cool way. If you have a “ghost phobia” or hate stories with ghosts, this won’t turn you off. I have never read anything Hemingway and this made me want to pick up a copy of “A Moveable Feast” so I could read it.

Their quest consists of finding an old army buddy of Eric’s dad, who is a bit of a lost veteran soul. How fitting that this release was on Veteran’s Day! That’s all I’m going to tell you – you need to read it. The way the characters grow is an awesome tale you’ll enjoy.

Can I say I’m also partial to the cover artist? Yup. My daughter worked her magic once again. (And hubby is the dead guy on the left 😉 )

Visit her website at: http://www.trishstewart-author.com/
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5 thoughts on “Pimp Monday – Taking Lessons From Ernest – Trish Stewart

  1. Wow…your daughter is so incredibly talented! That’s beautiful! And…another book to add to my wish list. I really need to order some of these, and soon! Yay Trish!

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