New cover!

After lots of nagging & whipping – I got cover #2 out of my daughter!!

Tower cover

Soooo worth the wait! I wonder if this will be like the books. I like each one better than the last. I guess the covers will have the same effect on me.
I sent it off to my publisher & I’m waiting for a beating of my own for edits. We’re looking at an Easter 2012 for a release date.

Here’s the unofficial synopsis: Valerie and Samantha are once again called back to their fairy tale land in a quest to help someone in her modern day. Their quest is not an easy one. Solving riddles, escaping trolls, and charming a unicorn are just a few of the complicated tasks. Rescuing Rapunzel with the help of a befriended elf was an additional bonus.

I hope everyone had a great Turkey Day! I spent it with new extended family & had a blast! I’m also still full. *burp*


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