Willy Nilly Wednesday

As part of my blog revival and an attempt to have some kind of system, I’m putting aside Wednesday to be “Willy Nilly”. That doesn’t sound like much of an organization, does it? Well, that’s what you’ll get from me.

Lately facebook has been a source of some great giggles. I do what I usually do best – I steal “teh funneh!” (Sorry for those of you that don’t yet speak writer. Try to keep up. πŸ˜‰ )

Often there is a random phrase, T-shirt or sign posted so I re-post to a friend, put it on my wall, OR if it’s really good – I make a T-shirt for some poor unsuspecting soul. Lately, I’ve been having a love affair with my T-shirt press. I’ve been making T’s, tote-bags, and mousepads for friends that involve a lot less cussing than my embroidery machine does! (Ok – I lent it out & the person broke my hydraulic springs so there is some cussing involved… but still….)

So – I’m going to take Wednesday & try to give you a giggle. Most on you on facebook have probably already seen them, so I will make an effort to hunt out a few of my own – just because you’re so gosh darn special!

My 1st post will be the T-Shirt I made for my brother. My stand up comic, stunt man brother who has 1,000 ways to answer “Why did the chicken cross the road?”

 Chicken cross

Ok – maybe it was funnier at the time. Don’t worry – it’ll will be fun. Never underestimate my desire to go for the easy smile. Sometimes the tough one too. A challenge I accepted when I said I could make a .gif out of anything brought this little beauty. What? Don’t act like you never wanted to see a hula dancing penguin drinking bong water.
(Bet you thought I was kidding!)

Keep me in mind if you see something you want on a T, tote bag or mousepad. I just do this for fun & because I have the equipment (yanno… like a hooker) so I’m cheap. (yanno… like a junkee hooker.)

I’ll work on a page to “pimp my goods” (yanno… like a high class hooker with a website…) but for now – I have my embroidery site still up (& running like a non-paying Koala bear trying to escape the hooker. You know that joke. Don’t make me ‘splain! :D). http://www.wishiniwasstitchin.com/

Make you smile yet?


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