New Book Cover!

Not so willy-nilly Wednesday AGAIN ~ but I had to share this!!

Here is the cover for I’ll try to Behave Myself scheduled for release with WAMM Publishing in November 2012.


Cover artist: Valerie Kramin

If you haven’t been to the Writer’s AMuse Me website lately – now is the time. April is their anniversary month & they are running specials.

ALL DIGITAL e-Books purchased through this site are on sale for $2.99 each, for the entire month of April.

ALL KINDLE books purchased through our link are on sale for $2.99 each, for the entire month of April.

ALL PRINT copies, purchased through this link are $2.00 off the cover price IF you use the following Discount Coupon Code on your order — DGYLGZPB

These codes and sales do not apply to any other site or venue where their books are offered so go directly to their site. With all the talk of Amazon & “the big six” lately – it’s just another good reason to support smaller presses than other sites.

Check them out for some great reads!


Unofficial Blurb for I’ll Try to Behave Myself:
Receiving the news of her promotion to partner at the ad agency she works for while in Puerto Rico would have made Char happier if it wasn’t for the fact that she ran there after finding her husband in bed with another woman.

Her boss shows up to console her, but they soon become romantically involved instead. Char knows that even though she is certain she’ll never take her husband back, an office romance just won’t work. That’s what her head keeps telling her, but her heart and his actions keep telling her otherwise.

Char continually pushes Andy away, trying to keep a resemblance of order to her now crazy life. Trying to get though one last big job so she can go out on her own is her only focus, until she discovers an unexpected souvenir from Puerto Rico. Andy’s baby.

I love the way this one came together. The “I’ll try to Behave Myself” just fell into place as Andy and Char worked on a perfume ad – hence the cover. I won’t give any more away. Yeah…I’m a brat. We’ve covered this. 😉


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