Willy Nilly Wed – Meet Gidget!


I have been wanting one of these babies for years but they were always too expensive. I finally got brave and started looking again & found one at a great price & free shipping! cha ching!

It was love at 1st sweep. I can’t believe the difference in my house. We have 2 dogs & a cat in the house and even though I keep everyone shaved, the hair was ridiculous.

Oddly, although we expected her shredded in minutes, no one pays her any attention. The dogs just get up and move out of her way and the cat gives her dirty looks from her roost on a chair.

Hubby was cracking me up from the moment the box showed up. He was like a kid getting a toy in the mail. For a few days I received posts about where she got stuck, something that happened and then my personal favorite. Her vomit.


Just what I wanted. Another pet in the house. :/ LOL

Of course she’s a “she”. What man actually vacuums?
*runs away*

On a writing note – check out my MG site for a great blog hop going on! http://www.beforehappilyeverafter.com/blog-3/


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