Love is in the Air Blog Hop


This year I’m taking a part in 2 Valentine’s Blog hops, so be sure to scroll down (or up) & enter both! This one is sponsored by
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The theme is sharing a favorite Valentine’s story. I love this one from many years back, no offense to my hubby.

Although many people cannot fathom this fact, I don’t like chocolate. People I have known for over 20 years can never remember that I can’t stand the stuff. I get gifts all the time – chocolate themed, surprise birthday parties with chocolate cakes… you name it.

In my twenties, I worked for a veterinarian on Maui. A sweet gentleman (that had more than 20 years one me) showed up to repair our x-ray machine. It was Valentine’s Day, so we playfully bantered. Since I was single at the time, he teased he was going to shower me with a huge box of chocolates.

“You’d better made it a diamond, baby. I don’t like chocolate.”

When he left saying, “Challenge accepted,” I was worried I had just gotten myself engaged.

He returned after a while with a box of chocolates. I laughed & asked if he had forgotten already. When he held up the box, I saw he had taken a Sharpie & written “Un” above chocolates. Russel Stover was crossed off & his last name was written. I opened the box & discovered he had cut all the chocolate off the sides.

As far as my picky hiney is concerned, the candies were tainted & tasted of chocolate, but I of course would never say a word. It was by far the most extreme anyone has gone to for my freakazoid-ness. He has won the spot in my heart & my blog for best Valentines ever. Sorry, hubby.

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Happy Valentine’s Day, Lovebirds!


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