Summer Sale!

With several of my titles being re-released & my excitement to get some Money Didn’t Buy Her Love in print, I need to thin out my printed book stock!

I’ve had a few Dustin Time on hand for a while. I’ve had a great rejuvenation for it with Dustin’s Turn out, but it’s ‘e’ where things are flying. With the weather so wonky (snow in May wonky!) I haven’t booked any signings yet. This will probably be it for me ordering print stock on these. If you’ve put off getting a set – now’s your chance. I’ll be taking a bath on them, but you’ll have a fun trip! It’s no secret I love #2 even more than #1 & have been asked to write a #3… I just don’t see it in the works… yet.

2 for $20

I’d use the small flat rate box – I believe it’s now $5.80 but that includes delivery confirmation. Normally I don’t like to do pay pay with their fees but if that’s what you prefer – we can swap account addresses. Drop me a line iffin you want a signed set! june [at] junekramin [dot] com.

Happy Reading!


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