Long overdue splainin’

I haven’t been online much these days. There’s a ton of reasons for that. I’ll try to get you up to date since I haven’t been up to the play-by-play as things unfolded.

Last Thursday, we closed on our house. Prior to that things had been crazy. I trained my replacement at work, we drove to Delaware for my cousin’s wedding with just a week to go to get everything done, filled a container, made a dump run & several trips to thrift stores with the remainder of our goods. The hardest of all was finding new homes for my horses. I’ve had Ringo & Charlie for 10 years, Leroy for 8 & Bucky for less than 3, but they all broke my heart tremendously. My only saving grace is knowing they have wonderful homes. I knew Ringo would have happily adapted anywhere. I was hoping for a younger gal to use him to his potential & I found her! She also wanted Bucky which thrilled me. He was my tender-heart. I hated to move him so soon when it took him so long to call our place home. I’m so grateful he went with his “brother” & has a great new person to call his.

My 17 year old, blind in one eye, star of my 2nd kid’s book, Charlie, found a great home with a retired man who wanted someone to walk to the mailbox with. He’s getting saddlebags! That is so damn cute I can’t stand it!

Leroy, star of kid’s book #1, found a grandma with 3 & 5 year-old grandkids (& more to come), so he will be loved for years to come & get to stay put as well.

I get pictures, texts & updates often from everyone & have full visitation. Yes, I’ve spent weeks crying but they all have wonderful homes & I couldn’t be more thrilled.

What led to all of this was, the house we had to settle on was going to take too much to make it work, not to mention it wasn’t legally big enough. No, there weren’t any other choices. We were on a time crunch & had limited options with our finances. Too many homes in the area were foreclosed or short sale. I’m not sure why it’s called “short” sale when that means you’d be lucky to move in at around the 6 month mark. You think you can get a deal with a foreclosure but the hoops banks have you jump through when you don’t have the capital sitting is insane. It just wasn’t do-able. So many homes were beaten up by evicted families it was sad. It was really tough on the nerves doing the 3 hour drive to house hunt & come up empty handed so many times. Our poor Realtor!

Anyway…don’t want to bore you with house hunting woes. I really thought selling would be the hard part. To catch you up to now… just prior to signing our house away (and we made it by the skin of our nose with a minute to spare with our packing & cleaning!!) we learned that the house we were supposed to move into didn’t appraise out. So… we’re homeless. They are still trying to pull some strings, but more than likely we are back at square one.

We are taking it a day at a time. My son’s in-laws are awesome & have taken in our critters & us on the weekends, and family is holding onto our things, saving us storage fees! I had to get Val enrolled in school so we are staying in a hotel school nights. I dropped her off today for her 1st day & left bawling like it was her 1st day of preschool. This age is so tough on kids already. I know she’ll do great, but still… *sniff*

For those of you waiting on my next release, you may have a bit of a wait. I have 2 Women’s fiction to polish up & the next middle grade, but don’t know when I’ll get to sit down & do it. I hope to get back in gear real soon. Thanks for your patience!!

I hope you don’t mind the personal indulgence on my blog. I haven’t even been on facebook much & it’s a wee much to post. Dropping a linky seemed like the best option.

Our spirits are up & our health is great. Couldn’t ask for much more than the roof. Could be worse. đŸ˜‰



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