The Green Flash at Sunset

My new release comes with a wee bit of back story.


Blurb: While trying to rebuild her life after a horrible breakup, a troubled call from Veronica’s mother about her best friend’s disappearance brings her back home to Maui. When a body is eventually found, Veronica withdraws from everyone, including her online forum – her one solace. Over a peaceful sunset, a friend who she only knows by his avatar and user name appears.

Although confused as to why he flew to be with her, she allows his interruption to her misery. Hoping that playing tour guide will be a distraction, their daily drives through the all too familiar scenery only succeeds in causing more memories to surface.

Veronica thought dealing with the murder of her best friend would be the hardest thing she’d have to overcome. She was proven wrong when she discovered she had to deal with the fact that the murder would never be solved.


All of the novels I’ve published up until now have been written in around a month’s time. I have been tweaking this story for 8 years. Many of you will recognize the subject matter. Yes, it’s inspired by that story – hence my trepidation going through with publishing it. But above all, I have one word for you – Fiction. The key here is inspired by.

In all honesty, it’s the first thing I wrote when I finally decided to do what Mrs. Stein said to me in the third grade. “You’re going to be a writer someday.” It started off as a story I needed to do for ME. I needed closure on this, but wasn’t about to fictionalize a true crime and try to solve this for a story’s sake.  I needed to plot out the main character coping with it, among other things. I made it today with a twist. The introduction of an online friend, who is very real & whom I love more than my Polly Pocket collection, is the way I saw it unfold.  Even after reading it over 100 times, moving chapters continuously, and having more editors, beta readers, and print proofs than any book in history, I still find myself laughing and crying in certain places.

It took a lot of soul searching to decide what to do with this book. In the end, I decided I need to do this for ME. They are my memories, my heartaches, my story – not hers or anyone else’s. My goal is not to capitalize on this tragedy – I needed the closure. Period. This is the only way I could do it. Getting from A-Z was harder than I ever imagined. Just when I was ready to say “No way”, a song played on the radio, making me think of her & telling me “Oh, hell yes.” Even as I drove home the day before hitting “Publish”, Diana Ross’ “Missing You” came over the radio. We all know it was her tribute to Marvin Gaye.  I needed this.

I ran it by a classmate who said, “I’ve been waiting for you to do this. She needs to be remembered.” I was grateful for her insight and thoughts on one of the many reasons I needed to see this through to the end. Thanks to all my friends who were my final, final readers, giving me their insight & “thumbs up” to move forward.

So… long intro to a new novel, but I didn’t want anyone buying this for the wrong reasons. It doesn’t dwell on the tragedy; I don’t state any facts or rumors – every detail is fictionalized. It’s one person coping (horribly) through the unthinkable with the help of a new friend. There’s an underlying story that deals with the main character, relationship issues, and trying to get her to a happy ending.

On release day & for quite a bit after, my books get the shares, tweets, blog barrages, etc. This is what I’ll compare to a store’s “soft opening”. It’s there for me & whoever stumbles on it but no “Hey! Buy my new book!”

Out of respect, no name-dropping here, please. I’d be happy to share some great Maui memories with you. Drop me a line: june [at] junekramin [dot] com. I’ve been doing this for so long, I’m honestly jumbling up my memories and what I’ve invented here. Brief FYI: Chopper pilots = not real. 😉

For my non-Hawaii friends that aren’t familiar with a song mentioned a few times, here you go: Cecelio & Kapono’s About You, played by my Kalani from the book. Best. Song. Ever. (Not really my classmate, just a great friend & coinky-dink that I picked his name. I didn’t even know he played & could sing so awesome!)

It’s currently only available in print. This is sinking in with baby steps. Amazon’s buy link is here.

You can purchase it from Createspace here. Since my goal is not about the $$$ – use this code for $2.00 off YSGCXQQF.

Mahalo for visiting my blog. All tens of you.



***update 7/18 – I put my big girl panties on. Now at Amazon for kindle.

4 thoughts on “The Green Flash at Sunset

  1. I am lucky to say that I was one of the ones who got to read this book ahead of time. I got so involved in it that I lost all track of time. I couldn’t wait to read more. Once I finished it, I read it again and got so involved again! The story really pulled me in and made me laugh and made me cry. I hope that you all love it as much as I did!

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