Where’d the week go…

I feel like I got nothing accomplished this week. I swear I don’t know how I did 40 hrs + over the holidays & got anything done. I can’t get anything done now that I’m home. I guess the problem is, I’m not. This week it was an exceptionally crappy waste of time to & from Dr appointments. It was for nothing – all is well – but had to be done nonetheless. I have to be pretty much on death’s door before I go, so even as I pouted about “what a waste of time this is” hubby said, “You have 30 years to catch up on. Just suck it up.” I had the best experiences I’ve ever had. Everyone was wonderful & we had great laughs. One doctor put it the best when describing MRI results. “Perfectly normal for someone who….has had as many birthday parties as you’ve had.”
Me: “Yeah, but did they have as much fun & theirs last for as many days as mine did?”

Hopefully we’re done – now back to that darn WIP! I did manage to get myself to the 40K mark. That’s halfway for me, but where I thought I was when I dove back in… so not really an earth-shattering goal. 1K a day is something to be celebrated by most, but really a poor output for what I normally do. A new character showed up so maybe he’ll speed things up. 🙂 Good news: I did find my Parker at a new stock photo site so the quest for the cover has begun. In the meantime, checking out all his photos isn’t hurting any. *rawr*

Because this post is pretty damn boring, I’ll add a peek inside “crazy child-like-writer-lady’s mind” (or lack there of). I didn’t bother straightening up for you. What you see is what you get, babe! And it’s only part of the theme going on here…if you can call Pokemon, Pez, Mustangs, Disney, Ladybugs, McDonald’s toys, etc…a “theme.”



The room was already purple – I didn’t do it! The shelf was there, so I filled ‘er up. Some toys just shouldn’t be in a box.

This is just a section of one bookshelf. Things kinda got plopped in when we moved & never organized. Yeah….it’s on the “to-do” list. (This could possibly be the 1st time John Sandford, William Kent Krueger & Dean Koontz are displayed with toys. Shhh…no one tell. Pretty sure Brian Freeman is happy to be trapped in the Kindle 😉 )

The room gets worse and I’m not even going to kick a path in the “Toy Room”, but I think you’ve had enough for now. 😀

If you find any cool Disney Little People, for the love of all that is holy, under no circumstances send me a picture!!!

Have a great day, all. I am actually on my way to a library to leave some books & talk about a signing. See! I can be productive. (Or maybe I’m just trying to get rid of books to make room for more toys. 😉 )

Yours in insanity,



2 thoughts on “Where’d the week go…

  1. Glad to hear everything turned out all right with the doctors. I’m just wondering though. Did they find a bottle of Captain Morgan’s in your stomach?

    I’ve been revising my WIP. I dislike revising unless things start coming to me. In the beginning, I have to force my butt into the chair.

    Hey I wish you luck on the book signing at the library. I give you a lot of credit. I’m so bad at promoting and couldn’t imagine going to the library to try and get a signing setup. LOL! Well, here it would be quite funny as I speak English while their necks twist back and forth. Das ist Deutchland. Wir habe nicht schreiben fur American.

  2. I’m a shell of my former self, Tater. The Captain & I don’t converse much anymore. Sad, really. I’ve finally gotten into a groove on the WIP, though. Thank goodness for patient characters.

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